5 reasons for the failure of your home office

Whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee, working from home is becoming increasingly popular. Many things speak in favor of this style of work, but care is needed. If you’re not careful, you’ll quickly find yourself in a situation where you become less productive and therefore do not do what you need to do. Often it is not clear what the reason was that the day was over, but the work in hand is only half done.

That’s why you’ll find out what the top 5 reasons for an ineffective home office are!

Work at home in itself a good model

There is a reason that many employers do the work from home one day a week – or sometimes more. It brings many benefits, such as:

  • A nice workplace (your house / apartment)
  • Self-determined work (beware – that’s the danger)
  • It saves you the way to work
  • You have more time and you can divide the time yourself

But all these benefits will not help you if you can not do your job.

It looks similar when you are self-employed. You are your own boss and maybe you do not have your own office yet. So it’s clear that you work from home. But maybe this is exactly the reason why so many companies fail in the start-up phase.

So that does not happen to your company, you should consider the following aspects:

1. Too little motivation in the home office hurts the business

It’s nice if you do not have to drive to work, then have breakfast in peace and so on. The problem is that sometime the time has come when you have to work effectively and focused.

As a self-employed nobody monitors you and nobody except yourself controls your performance. This is dangerous, because especially when you start your business, everything seems very exciting. But as soon as it comes to the “daily business”, you come to a point where you have to go to a certain routine.

This routine is the main part of your job and it is essential that you set clear rules for yourself. These rules can look like this: “My working time starts at 9 o’clock in the morning and ends at 18 o’clock in the evening. At this time, I will not be distracted by things like “watching TV, video games, etc.”

You have to give your day – despite your freedom – a certain structure. Otherwise you will quickly become ineffective and you will not get on well because you will always find a reason why you need to take a break or maybe something else might be more important.

2. Your business is “not a hobby”

Of course, your business should be fun and you should just as much pursue it as a hobby, for example. But keep in mind: It is not a hobby, but your job in which you want to move forward and with which you earn your money.

A job needs a certain seriousness. This point has a lot to do with the previous one, because a business needs an investment of effort, time and care. It’s just not like a hobby, which you can cancel or suspend, if you do not feel like it. You have a responsibility and you should do it in your home office.

A business only works well if you take it – and the tasks involved – seriously and discipline you even on hard days to get ahead.

3. Distractions make sure you can not do what you want to do

To complement the first two points, distraction is absolutely harmful to your business. At home, where no one really oversees you, the likelihood of being distracted is higher.

If you are constantly distracted by things like news on your smartphone, TV, or other entertainment media, you’ll be tempted to take a break. Unfortunately, the break then often degenerates into hours of “nothing doing”, leaving you with too little time for the really important work.

4. Your workspace in the home office is not your “living room”

It may be that you work every now and then from the living room, but this advice is more metaphorical. You should create a pleasant working environment. That’s very clear! But you should also make sure that you eliminate possible sources of distraction. Such distractions can be:

  • Man’s meanwhile “best friend”: your smartphone (Every now and then you need it to work, but if you do not need it, it’s best to put it out of sight or turn on “Do Not Disturb” mode.) You know yourself which is a flashing mobile phone for an attention and eye catcher).
  • The TV or Other Media (Some people like to work on relaxing music, but try to use it as discreetly as possible and make sure you do not have to look at it all the time – like skipping commercial breaks, for example to bring concentration.
  • The family and friends … That may sound a bit harsh, but in an office you are not always there for your family or friends. That’s why it’s best to create a somewhat separated area where not every few minutes someone passes you by. Whether you like it or not, such things always bring your focus.

5. Your time is precious – and so are the breaks

When you work in the home office, you always have your home in mind and what else needs to be done there. For example, you may notice that there is time to clean the windows, and so on.

As laudable as that may be. You should not use your lunch break to do such work. The breaks are there to relax – not to do private work that also puts a strain on you.

Give your body and mind free time during the break and recover so that you can go to work full of energy and motivation during the break (which, by the way, should also be limited in time)!


Making money online with digital info products

How to find a business ideas

Many people dream of self-employment and their own online business. However, many believe that building a successful online business is expensive and complicated. But it is exactly at this point that they are mistaken, because it has never been so easy to set up a business on the Internet. It’s just a matter of diligence and motivation.

Those who do not want to take a big risk and do not want to make big investments should choose to start selling digital information products first. You can either create a product yourself, which is very easy with today’s technology, or advertise the products of others using affiliate marketing .

However, before you start creating your product, you should think carefully about which topic the product is created for. The topic choice will depend on your success later.

In the first part of this four-part blog article series I would like to give you some tips on how to find a suitable topic for your digital info product.

What is a digital info product?

The digital information products primarily include online video courses and e-books, ie products that customers later only have digitally on screen. The big advantage of digital information products is that they only have to be created once and can be sold as often as you like without incurring any additional costs.
Digital info products can really be created EVERYONE today. All you need is software that records your screen while you’re doing a presentation, or a camera that lets you capture videos of yourself.

Why do people even buy digital info products?

Most Internet users search the Internet daily to find solutions to a wide variety of problems. Over 80% of Internet users are solely looking for information. Many of the problems people have are in a niche area that is not or only superficially covered by the major internet portals.

So with a digital info product, you could provide a digital problem solution that addresses a specific niche market and specific audience. For example, if you are familiar with nutrition, you might want to create a small e-book in which you will report on a nutritional niche topic. The topic could be eg “Losing weight with the cabbage soup diet”. Wrong would be any topic that is too general and has already been treated by many others.

For digital information products, you should also consider that people are prepared to spend a lot of money on products that solve problems with a high level of suffering. Therefore, it would be better to create an e-book or a video course on the subject of love, money or health, rather than fish farming or household.

How do you now find the ideal niche area for your products?

First get a blank sheet of paper and paint a smiley face in the middle. This smiley is supposed to represent you. Now paint three arrows leading away from this smiley. The first arrow says “Difficulties I’ve overcome”, the second one is called “My hobbies” and the third one is called “My interests”.

Finding a business idea: At the beginning there is a blank sheet of paper.

1. Difficulties that I have overcome

Each of us once got to the point where he had some problem that seemed insoluble at the time. This problem was so strong that we were constantly busy and could not let go.

Make a note of all the problems you have had in your life that you have been able to overcome.

Examples: They were incredibly afraid of speaking to an audience and could overcome this fear. Maybe you had serious financial difficulties and could solve this problem as well, etc.

2. My hobbies

At this point, please write down all your hobbies, ie activities that you do exclusively in your free time. It can be: working in the garden, playing a musical instrument, practicing a certain sport, etc.

If you do not have hobbies, look around your friends and acquaintances. Try to analyze hobbies of the people around you. It could well be that your friends or acquaintances have an interesting hobby to which you could create a profitable info product.

3. My interests

Here you make keywords, to all the things that interest you otherwise, but you do not run as a hobby. This can be the following things:
Karaoke, esoteric, computer, multimedia, astronomy, foreign languages, stock market, etc.

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Armin Schmethuesen June 11, 2012 at 16:58

Hello Anton,
a very good article on making money with digital info products. But I think that this is not just about eBooks or video courses. For me, the area is much more scattered.

Yours sincerely

Armin Schmethüsen

reply f2ea76cf242eeac697aff51c50b6f404?s=48&d=blank&r=g

Anton Nagatkin June 11th, 2012 at 17:22

Hello Armin,

Thank you for your comment. Feel free to tell us what you would call digital info products.

Best Regards,
Anton Nagatkin

reply 80d22b7a94ff4061665850e86fa0fa72?s=48&d=blank&r=g

Affiliate Marketing | Alexander Krämer June 11th, 2012 at 17:03

I think you’re right. With affiliate marketing you can really make a lot of money. If you also find a Profitable Niesche, you have already won!

Greetings from Wolfsburg
Alexander Kramer

reply 4bfebefe1f6af2a15f6fe60b38da60e1?s=48&d=blank&r=g

Catmoney June 15, 2012 at 20:20

Well it’s not that easy then 😉

Like almost everywhere, the Pareto principle applies here as well, ie 20% of the affiliates earn really well and the rest (80%) only earn smaller amounts.

In addition to the focus on hobbies and things that you like, is also an immense stamina necessary, that is, fortunately not everyone 😉

many Greetings

reply f2ea76cf242eeac697aff51c50b6f404?s=48&d=blank&r=g

Anton Nagatkin June 16, 2012 at 11:30

Hi Andreas,

thanks for your comment. Certainly, a certain perseverance is part of every start-up (see also our current article at www.gruender.de/oliver-pott) If it were that easy, every entrepreneur would probably already be.

The simplicity that I should mention is mainly related to the technology. Back in the days when the internet was just beginning to emerge, nobody knew how to program a web page. Today, this aspect has become pretty much easier thanks to WordPress & Co.

Best Regards,
Anton Nagatkin

reply 733768829b5c0a6071c0dca0dda8b525?s=48&d=blank&r=g

Sascha June 17, 2012 at 11:44

I always look at the providers at clickbank. Especially the Americans have a lot in advance and you will find interesting ideas.

But also in Germany – eg
– Learn to swim for adults
– a disco dance class DVD
– …

These are all niches but it makes money can be earned 🙂
Best regards

reply 4bfebefe1f6af2a15f6fe60b38da60e1?s=48&d=blank&r=g

Catmoney June 17th, 2012 at 19:23

Hello Anton,

Yes, that’s right. Although I do not think that you should always use WordPress as a standard solution for all page types (originally it was just meant for blogs.)
Many have no techn. Understand, but install WordPress + plugins and then know in case of error but not further. Therefore, try to create an alternative with my niche page generator, which should help webmasters maintain a great search engine optimized site without having to resort to WordPress.

many Greetings


reply 213a61f6bb03b918c0bb4fbdf89a70c7?s=48&d=blank&r=g

madlin August 16th, 2012 at 23:44

Interesting idea behind this post, even if the topic is dealt with very generally. Basically, you can already make money on the Internet, but it is associated with a lot of work and it must also be the necessary know-how available. Here, the Internet business is by no means different from a traditional one.
Otherwise, I can only congratulate the blog. I will visit regularly. Maybe a guest contribution is welcome. Short message is enough.

reply 36736c5ee478bec450c4e30caefd1033?s=48&d=blank&r=g

Nico Lamp October 5, 2016 at 7:50

Just like the previous speakers, I can say that making money online is the best way to do it – the only real mistake people make is never to start. You should have an abnormally bad start and then progress faster! Learning means getting up!

So just start creating your info product, it does not have to be perfect! I have created a great step-by-step guide for you on https://my-webcoach.de/ making the creation and marketing of your info product a breeze!

It really requires work, be ready to do something for your residual income and it will pay off to 200%!

reply 36736c5ee478bec450c4e30caefd1033?s=48&d=blank&r=g

Nico lamp October 19, 2016 at 22:46

Great contribution, as you are used to from greener just. Short, concise and informative! Run a niche site myself, where I tell people exactly how to create their own niche website for their info product.
I also specifically target the production of information products, similar to this one.
You can find my website at www.mein-webcoach.de – for all who are interested.

A successful evening and remember to always give more than is required!

reply 41ec905ac8fbf886ebf5e60d82d5f8ef?s=48&d=blank&r=g

Andreas Brenner March 19, 2017 at 17:06

I too must agree with all previous speakers and find this post really informative. I have been running internet marketing through niche sites for about 14 months and can confirm that making money on the internet is entirely possible.

reply 4bb2c7080104d767f9a692bfb2b00b05?s=48&d=blank&r=g

Christian April 4, 2017 at 19:15

Hello everyone, I can only agree, with digital info products you can get very far these days! You should never focus too much on pure “making money”, the most important thing in my opinion is that you are dealing with a topic that is really fun. After all, you want to give your buyers something that you really know well and that gives you a certain amount of enthusiasm. For example, with my website https://secrets.com.de I focused only on the niches that I’ve been using for a long time and that are more than just my hobby 🙂

So do not forget, always pick a niche that really interests you!

reply 55a04ef5b3b1cdd99f740ff16a8f3c95?s=48&d=blank&r=g

Course World July 24, 2017 at 20:44

I can only agree – info products are a simple but ingenious way to make money online. Especially with EBooks and video courses have made very good experiences.
As always a great article from Gruender.de! Keep it up!
Best regards and good luck

reply 55a04ef5b3b1cdd99f740ff16a8f3c95?s=48&d=blank&r=g

Course Tester August 26, 2017 at 7:22

Great article and above all super good video Thomas!
I liked that the article is so detailed.
Keep it up.
Best regards

reply 30f7421b7fded8476c9c0902d51e8c08?s=48&d=blank&r=g

ZUMARA February 10, 2018 at 22:58

Good evening Mr. Klußmann,
very very detailed and good article to digital info products!

reply ?s=48&d=blank&r=g

Logistics – this is the best way to ship your products – Gründer.de April 10, 2018 at 16:40

[…] Digital info products […]

reply ?s=48&d=blank&r=g

Product Application on the Internet – The 5 Best Tricks to Guarantee Success – Gründer.de September 23, 2018 at 13:08

[…] Digital info products […]


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Making Money as a Freelancer: From Planning to Big Money

Ensure sustainable success and a secure income


Anyone working as a freelancer in the future will, in a sense, be independent of a permanent employer and a company. Distinctive and independent qualifications are the first prerequisite for making money successfully in the long term. Freelancers are rightly the declared darlings of the economy, as more and more companies work together with freelancers in the face of increasing skills shortages. This trend has a positive effect on pay, so that the hourly rates alone have risen further in comparison to recent years. Especially skilled workers are in demand like never before.

How freelancers secure long-term success

In fact, there are not that many German freelancers. The jobs that are in demand include translation work, with the Internet providing various opportunities to make money out of one’s own services. The selection ranges from programming, IT tasks, texts and research to translations, design and architecture. The secret is the key skills that make a freelancer stand out from the rest of the industry. As the name already implies, the freelancer freelances for a company and does all the work that has been put out to tender.

Be sure to inquire whether your job or service fits into the professional field of a freelancer at all. You can easily clarify that on the phone with an employee of the tax office. Freelancers do not need a trade license, but there are limits to the additional income. If the terms freelancers and freelancing are also often used as a synonym, the freelancer describes the employment relationship, and the freelancer the defined job profile.

In particular, the independence in the choice of working conditions represents a significant advantage in this area. So determined freelancers themselves, the place, the time and the period of their activities in coordination with the client. This results in an individual and flexible organizational structure that determines one’s own daily work routine.

Entry into freelancing – not so easy!

Freelancers search online for the right agencies and projects. Here are the successful platforms that have now millions of agencies and freelancers have brought together. If you want to position yourself as an online service provider, you should clearly identify your own qualifications, with references and a corresponding education or study to find the right companies and agencies.

Freelancers, like self-employed persons, have to file an income tax return. At the beginning, it is sufficient to apply to the tax office for a tax number and to get in touch with a tax consultant. Investing and working with a professional will pay off no later than the end of the year. So you play it safe to get the most out of your own financial planning. At best, you have the opportunity to work with a specialist in your industry.

Freelancing is the uncomplicated way to get involved in location-independent work. Nevertheless, it is not enough to simply open the laptop, sit down at the desk and get started. If you want to work successfully in the long term, you should first and foremost train yourself in the area of ​​aquise and self-marketing. Only in this way do you learn to independently get the best jobs on the open market.

Home work or home office is not a magical magic formula and a money printing machine or a way to escape bad-tempered bosses. This includes serious activities that sustainably secure their own income for the next few years.

Sustainable opportunities in direct customer business

The direct customer business secures the more straightforward sources of revenue. In particular, digital services can be billed as quickly as possible. That makes the customer business very difficult to scale. Nevertheless, freelancing is now one of the most important building blocks when it comes to developing your own company. Some entrepreneurs with a correspondingly high budget in the hindquarters skip this stage and at the same time develop their own project. For other company founders, freelancing is a secure foundation to provide a necessary financial base.

Not to be neglected is the experience that the customer business brings with it. Here you will get started with the basics of direct marketing. So you should first build a secure income to experiment according to their own financial resources and not neglect the opportunities of passive income streams. Even if everything looks wonderfully simple at first glance, getting started is not so easy.

The platforms for freelancers are in direct competition with the personal contact and application. Experience has shown that well-paid projects usually appear outside the platforms. If you equip yourself from the beginning with the decisive skills in direct marketing, you will benefit from it for a lifetime and can also sell successfully outside the platforms. Not everyone is born a professional. Most people start with the experiences from customer to customer. Every freelancer should delete the fear of rejection from their own memory, pick up the phone and contact an agency. Even in the age of increasing digitization, personal calls are more effective than hundreds of emails.

Use the nodes where the potential customers are located and develop successful sales texts step by step. The most important thing for a freelancer is the existing customers, the steady bookings assure in a familiar relationship. So you will find out what works in your industry without any problems and you can rely on this knowledge. There is no standard recipe for how you convince a customer of yours, but an individual secret of success that pays off in the long run.

How to finance the entry as a freelancer?

For freelancers and beginners there are demands and start-up grants, which facilitate the entry. There is talk of state support. So if you are entitled to unemployment benefits, you can also apply for a start-up grant, which is available directly from the Employment Agency. There are two different phases of production. In the first six months, there will be a grant equal to the unemployment benefit. This is usually 60% of the last salary. For the social security contributions the employment office pays a subsidy of 300 €.

In the second phase it is possible to get another € 300 in each month over six months. Only very few freelancers can completely self-finance after half a year, so that the subsidy always represents only a small financial support. Start-up loans, for example from KfW Förderbank , special loans for freelancers, investors and private loans are another way of providing financial resources. Unemployment Benefit II Beneficiaries are not entitled to the start-up grant. Here, however, there is an entry fee, which can correspond to the standard rate of payments of 50-100%.

In addition, there is the start-up coaching in Germany. This is also available to freelancers in the starting phase. Even if starting up a business and self-employment can be up to five years old, you can take advantage of this promotion. This is above all a question of organization, financing and efficiency in connection with insurance, taxes and jurisdiction. The upper limit of the promotion of the consulting fee is a maximum of 6000 €. The consultant may charge up to € 800 per day. In addition, there are still differences between the new and the old federal states.

akademie intext

Step 1: The personal profile and portfolio

The first step is to create your own portfolio and profile. This can be compared with the CV. In conjunction with the application you can apply for all advertised jobs. If you invest a lot of effort here, you increase your own chances to win the project. Some clients have prepared special placement tests or sample tasks to test only the knowledge.

ATTENTION: A trial is not a free service, but merely a test that demonstrates your own skills and abilities. So should written texts later not find free on the Internet. The client offers alternatives, such as a compensation of the trial, if this later appears on the Internet. Freelancers should protect themselves from the beginning – instead of working for free.

Step 2: Job Search

For a freelancer it comes out of the sheltered lap of a company and towards exciting projects and new cooperation partners. If you want to make a name for yourself first, look for suitable projects on the open market. With appropriate knowledge of foreign languages, the national boundaries do not constitute an end point for processing. Basically, the whole world is at your feet.

Step 3: Set budget

geld kalkulieren

Many newcomers make the first mistake, to submit a too cheap offer, hoping to get the job really. However, this does not always have to be a positive factor for the client. Many large agencies and companies see in the budget and hourly price of freelancers their quality, in addition to the actual qualification. In any case, it makes sense to use an objective hourly rate from the beginning on which you can live and work.

A main focus is on a detailed offer, which addresses all questions of the client. The offer should definitely meet the individual requirements, the offer period as well as the budget expectations. The more the qualifications are fulfilled from the start, the greater the likelihood that you will win the contract.

In the conclusion there is no regular income, but the fee or the fee. Freelancers themselves have to pay insurance, taxes and social security contributions as well as the health insurance. On this basis, you should calculate your own hourly rate and not too tightly calculate here.

In the case of artistic and journalistic activities, a freelancer has the opportunity to join the artist social fund . Here, the KSK takes over the employer’s share, which drastically reduces the social security contributions and assures enormous financial support. Many companies use freelancers whenever there is a bottleneck in connection with the in-house staff and, in return, the employment of another permanent employee would be too expensive.

om buch inartikel

Step 4: Project execution

With the successful contract, you have come a good step further. Now the goal is to satisfy the customer 100%. After all, a successful order is always an economic mirror for the entire industry. Freelancers should not underestimate an unpleasant experience with a customer, they can go around quickly and repel other potential clients. In addition, nobody should take the opportunity to give ratings. After a successful project, you should ask a client to rate the collaboration. These are important references that help with the later development and application.

Step 5: Payment

If it is not a project-based collaboration on a platform, the payment is easy by invoice and bank transfer. In other cases, a trustee account is available. Here, the employer pays the money after the contract has been awarded. Once the project has been completed, the sum goes to the respective freelancer. For particularly large projects, the processing of which lasts for a long time, it is worthwhile to agree fixed payment dates and a prepayment. So you take no risks that it comes to financial difficulties later. Serious providers have no problem with the prepayment or a fixed payment plan.

Anyone who wants to successfully position themselves in an industry must, as a freelancer, be prepared to approach customers and market themselves. With every successful project your own reference account and the positive impact on the corporate outside world increases. In the direct context, it is important to set a personal online presence in addition to the personal profile, the application and the CV. The professional and customer-friendly presentation on the Internet is one of the basic requirements to set yourself apart from the competition right from the start and to be a successful freelancer with the coveted skills preferred.

What freelancers should consider when boarding

The advantages of Freelancer are obvious. They can work flexibly and flexibly, are connected to changing companies and companies and hold their own economic success in their hands. Even if it seems at first glance, the entry is not so easy. It’s not about making the best deals, but building on a long-term successful direct marketing that provides you with special skills that the company can not do without. In addition to the experience, the freelancers learn from customer to customer to sell better and to invest in their own profile. This provides one of the most promising foundations for sustainable, economic success that works for years and builds a secure income. Quite a few companies once made their entry through freelancing and provided themselves with the important funds needed to invest later.


Homemade selling: How to earn money with your hobby

Benefit from customers buying homemade products

We live in a throwaway society today. We usually use things only briefly, then throw them more or less carefully into the dumpster, causing gigantic waste. You can buy most of the products cheaply, so you can not dispose of so pretty looking things thoughtless and replace them. Society no longer appreciates the value of a thing or a product. There is often a lot of work, material and creativity behind it. Such “handmade” products are popular again with many people, because they are of excellent quality, made of the highest quality materials and above all, no goods are “off the peg”. Home-made is for many a piece of luxury and this brings you to the house.

It is no coincidence that more people are looking for home-made food and pay more for it. It is again thought about how much effort is in a product. Some also appreciate the uniqueness of products that were not produced in a mass production, but created in loving and painstaking manual work. You can successfully pick up this trend and sell your own home made .

What you need to sell homemade

Once you’ve discovered a talent for making, first think about which product you could produce and sell with your skills. It is therefore important to develop an idea for a product. Let’s say you enjoy creating soaps or making key rings from bottle caps. Then you could make a deal out of it and sell the soaps or key chains as homemade. Let’s just play through these two examples. What could a possible process from the idea to the sale look like?

Materials and storage space

Many discover their creative or handicraft talent by chance rather by chance – when practicing a hobby, the renovation of their own four walls or when tinkering with the children. Usually, the idea spontaneously grows to turn talent into a business. The basic idea was born with it. In order to be able to sell homemade, you must first produce it in appropriate quantities. Of course, to be able to produce enough quantities, you will need the necessary materials. This is the first problem, because it raises the question of where you get the required amounts of material and that at a price that still allows a profit margin. After all, you want to earn it. If you then get the material, you have to store it somewhere, as well as later the homemade product. So you need in addition to the material and a sufficiently large storage space. In addition, with some products a suitable production room is necessary, as you will see later on the example of the soap.

Get feedback on the product

It’s nice to be able to make something, but it’s not sure if people would buy it too. Therefore, it makes sense to get as much feedback as possible before the start of a professionally established business, as the self-made by others arrives at others. First, make a limited number of soaps or keyfobs, give them away to family or friends and ask for honest feedback or opinion. Above all, the subjects should give you feedback on the following topics:

  • materials
  • processing
  • Consistency, feel (eg feeling when using the soap)
  • Odor (eg the soap smells like the ingredients)
  • Benefits (eg how well does the soap clean)
  • Overall impression (is the product recommended)

Such feedback will give you a first, but important, indication of whether you would be successful if you were to sell your creations as homemade.

Planning of production and quantity

If the feedback on your soaps or key fobs has been positive, consider how much you want or want to make. And: How should the manufacturing process be designed so that you can handle even larger quantities? It is always convenient to have a product warehouse in which there is a reserve. Nothing is worse than having a customer buy a product, but it can not be delivered because you no longer have it in stock.

So be realistic. Try out how many soaps or keychains you can make daily, weekly or monthly without compromising quality or motivation. For large online stores, you can show the customer on the product detail page how many soaps or key fobs are still available. If you have your own online shop, you can usually also place such an ad. So you do not come in distress, but just sell as many parts as you can produce and stock.

Overcome possible obstacles

Above all, you can not just sell homemade soaps, but you have to overcome some hurdles before customers can enjoy your product. A first obstacle is suitable premises for the production. These must be easy to clean and designed so that you can work hygienically in it. It is best to get in touch with the relevant authority and to find out what requirements inspectors have for your “soap kitchen”.

Another requirement is that you register with the relevant control authorities (Landratsamt, Chemisches and Veterinäruntersuchungsamt and the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety). At the authorities you have to present a so-called safety assessment for each soap creation, which is created by a laboratory. By doing so, you will prove your health safety.

Also the documentation of the production of a product is prescribed, especially with soaps. For each new unit, it is necessary to list which ingredients are contained in which quantities and which operations have been performed. Each batch receives a batch number that can be used to track problems and how the product came from.

Other obstacles, if you want to sell homemade, may be the requirement to your online shop or tax requirements (trade license, tax number, small business regulation, sales tax yes or no). In any case, before you dive into all these things, it’s part of your business.

A good business plan

So that you can successfully sell your homemade, you have to calculate expenses and income well, so you get a business plan. You will incur costs that you need to include in your planning:

  • material
  • Tools (if needed)
  • working hours
  • Room rental (production facility, warehouse)
  • Rental charges (electricity, heating, water)
  • packing material
  • Shipping
  • Staff costs (if required)

These total costs must be broken down. You have to calculate the costs of each item per piece of manufactured product. So in the end, to earn something extra, it’s important that you turn all expenses over to the single product. The selling price should be so high that you not only cover the costs incurred, but also something left over. This is called profit margin.

To be able to sell self-made goods as a trader, you usually have to register a trade and become self-employed. As long as you do the business on the side and also have a permanent job, you do not have to worry about other costs such as health insurance . However, once you become a full-time retailer, it is necessary to calculate that all costs such as rent, telephone, vehicle, taxes and social security contributions are covered by the revenue. Calculate how much your total monthly costs are and then calculate how many pieces of your home-made product you need to sell each month to cover these costs and also to save money on food or hobbies.

Find the right sales channels

You started producing your homemade product and worked out a small stock. The next thing to do is to think about which channels you want to sell your home made or can do. There are several ways to get your product to the man or woman.

Sale at markets or shops


The classic method is selling on creative markets. There you have your own stand and you get in direct contact with the customers. Here it is important that they connect your product with your personality. For example, you are much better able to say something about the idea, the materials and how to make your soaps or key chains. You do not have such a chance when selling over the internet. If you want to appeal to a broad audience, you can also get in touch with specialty stores and offer your product there. Ideally, you can inspire the owner for your product, selling it on a commission basis or on the basis of another agreement.

Onlineshop and online market places as selling places


The trend today is towards online shopping. So think about whether you might want to sell your home-made online. With its own online shop or with a seller account on major online marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay or on online marketplaces such as vondir or muckout , which specialize in the sale of home-made. The biggest advantage is the range, if you sell homemade on the Internet. You can offer your product not only regionally, but worldwide because the Internet knows no borders. The use of online marketplaces has its price. There you can stop your products and pay a fee to the company. You save this fee if you put your own online shop on the net. This also has the advantage that your own brand – which you have finally created with your product – is more in the focus and becomes better known.

Advertising for own products

If you want to sell homemade things, promoting your product as efficiently as possible is a very important task for you. Creating an online shop and then waiting for customers would be the direct route to failure. You have to make people curious about what you do in laborious work. You have to convince them of the quality you get when you buy your product. And of course you have to get them excited about the benefits of your product. Bring them closer, such as Nourishing your homemade soap and how cool it is to have a keychain made of bottle caps designed by you. But how do you best promote your homemade product?

Use social media channels for advertising

Most people reach you today through various social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube. This is where you should promote your product. You can invite your family, friends, and acquaintances to like, share, or comment on product reviews. In turn, you will reach their friends and acquaintance and so on. This alone increases the awareness of your home-made product.

Advertise your product through Google and Co.

Of course, you can also use the major search engines to advertise there. However, you have to take money in hand, because such ads cost money. Google, for example, can pay for clicks, which means that it only costs you money when someone clicks on your ad. You can also use the good old ad in a newspaper or a city magazine to sell your home-made.

Create product videos as an advertisement for your home-made

Although a well-designed ad in text or picture form is perceived as positive by many customers, it does not achieve the impact of advertising with a video. Moving, well-staged images simply captivate the viewer the most. Especially with homemade products, it makes sense, for example, to represent the manufacturing process and to show how much work and passion is in your product. Let the customer experience first-hand how your soap or your keychain develops in painstaking and loving work. Such a thing inspires and tempts to the purchase.

Simply sell homemade – trade agencies support you

You can get professional help in case you have the talent to create a product but feel overwhelmed to organize the sale by yourself. There are certain trading agencies such as For example, the JB Commercial Agency or CSP (Corporate Sales Partners) who specialize in taking care of your product and looking after advertising, negotiating with merchants and online marketplaces, product presentation or pricing. But of course you pay for such service money.


The idea of ​​selling something home-made is certainly an exciting project. But it takes a lot of time, energy and money. To really make money from the sale of handmad products and live off the revenue, you need to be professional. Before you think about exactly what you want to sell, how you make it and where you want to sell it in the end. You need a compelling and sought-after product, a detailed business plan, good advertising, and above all, persuasion and perseverance. So you can sell home-made and start a successful business with what you like to do and do well.


You are employed? Nevertheless, build up a self-employment!

It may sound stressful, but it will help you in life

Self-employment requires certain qualities with regard to one’s own way of working. Above all, you need to be able to design your own operations and have enough motivation to be self-employed for your own business. However, many people shy away from the leap into self-employment. The risks seem too high, a job offers a certain degree of security – and in any case, being independent is like jumping from one moment to the other into the cold water. The solution to this is the reasons beside the job. If you have ideas to realize yourself, you can start your own business as a sideline. In the following article we will show you how to do it and what to look for.

Reasons aside from the job – can that work?

Yes, it certainly can. It can not only work, but is now one of the most popular forms of starting a business in Germany. The KfW Startup Monitor shows that more than every second start-up company is now run part-time. That’s independent of the industry. From simple online sales via e-bay and other portals, to craft activities, to services on the Web, every imaginable independent activity can also be carried out as a part-time job.

There are different ways you can implement the reasons beside the job. On the one hand, you can start small and slowly approach the area in the form of a part-time self-employment. On the one hand, you benefit from the security that your employment offers, but on the other hand, you can find out at the same time how good a self-employment really is. If it works and you have mastered the start of a certain basic income through your company, you can try the transition from employment to self-employment.

Alternatively, you can use the part-time self-employment as a permanent extra income for regular earnings. This is the form that I have chosen for myself permanently. I work as an accountant 20 to 25 hours a week to enjoy the benefits of a permanent job. Due to the lower fixed working hours, I am much more flexible in my entire daily routine because there is simply more time away from the regular job. This employment is supplemented by my part-time self-employment. So I get a solid full time salary with full flexibility and a varied workday. This works perfectly well for three years now.

How do I start my own business?

We have already put together useful information for you in some articles. Here you will find a guidebook on how to start your business . In addition, here you will find all development steps from your business idea to a successful company . In addition, you should note the most important legal requirements for corporate governance. You can find more interesting articles about special company forms and facts here:

  • Company foundation from unemployment
  • That’s how you start a business next to your studies
  • Foundation of a UG
  • Foundation of a GbR
  • So you start a GmbH
  • Start a business abroad

What fundamental factors do I have to consider when setting up next to the job?

You are not allowed to decide for yourself which activity represents your main occupation and which activity is conducted as a secondary occupation. That is bound to objective criteria. Among other things, it depends on your working hours, your income and the question of whether you employ employees. Ideally, you work alone first and work a maximum of 18 hours a week with your part-time self-employment. In addition, your income from your business should not exceed the employment.

As a rule, you should inform your employer about the situation in order to take up part-time employment. He can not prevent this, as long as your full-time job does not suffer under your secondary occupation. In addition, no conflicts of interest may arise because you would compete with him. Although a duty to notify an outside job to the employer is often contractually established, it is not actually effective. Nevertheless, it would be best to issue a written confirmation of your part-time work, so that you can be sure that you have secured it.

Which special rules are there?

The above rules apply to ordinary employees. A few special features apply to civil servants, students and part-time self-employment in full-time unemployment.


As a civil servant, you may spend a maximum of 20 percent of your weekly service on a secondary job. The additional income earned may not exceed 40 percent of your final annual base salary. This will definitely require a permit, which can also be denied. This may be due to your occupancy as a civil servant, conflicts of interest with your work and activity that is incompatible with the reputation of public employment.


You can earn a maximum of € 305 per month and work part-time for a maximum of 18 to 20 hours per month. You can exceed the earnings limit twice a year for two months. If you want to earn more money within the possible working hours, you can insure your student health insurance and increase your earnings limit to about 2,000 euros per month.


In the case of unemployment, you may actually start only 165 euros extra charge and generally a maximum of 400 euros. However, there is a special rule that allows you to earn more. If you have pursued your part-time self-employment for at least 12 months in the last 18 months of employment, you can continue to receive the income from it without being charged, even if this is significantly higher than the insignificance limit of 400 euros. The prerequisite is that your income is within the range in which you have moved in the last 12 months of your part-time job. In addition, in principle for additional income in unemployment applies that a working time of 15 hours per week must not be exceeded. Otherwise, you are not considered unemployed.

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What role does social security play in founding alongside the job?

You probably know it from your employment that social security contributions are deducted from your salary in addition to the payroll tax. These are health, nursing, unemployment and pension insurance. As an employee, you usually pay about half of the costs incurred, your employer takes over the other half. The self-employed, on the other hand, have to pay for their social security expenditure, but are freer in terms of which areas of social security should be covered. Health and long-term care insurance are the compulsory insurance, benefits to the statutory pension insurance are mandatory only for certain groups of self-employed. Unemployment and accident insurance are generally voluntary for all self-employed.

Now, however, when setting up your job, you have a special social security status. By definition, you can only work full-time or only be self-employed. Social security only applies to one of the two areas, namely, the one that is considered your main job. When starting next to the job, this is usually your job for which social security contributions are paid off as normal. In this case, your earnings from self-employment remain social insurance-free. On the other hand, if your self-employment is the main job, you have to take the above-mentioned precautionary duty over your independent income. For this, your employment relationship remains social insurance-free, since you are already covered by the self-employment.

No matter how you regulate it, you benefit greatly from the fact that only one part of your income is covered by social insurance. From the practical division between me personally between employment and self-employment as a manager of my company, I can confirm that this really works. If you are hired, you pay about 20 percent of social security contributions on your gross salary – in the case of self-employment this part is completely eliminated.

More tips for starting next to the job

  • Ideally, find employment that you can do from home. In addition to pounding large production sites and innovative product developments from the ground, the factor of available time will probably fail.
  • Plan with the lowest possible capital requirement. A sideline self-employment also signals to investors that you do not put everything on one card, but you “only” create a second foothold. Correspondingly, potential investors will react to financing requests. In addition, the reasons next to the job means that you anyway start slowly first or you want to occupy permanently part-time. You will not get rich right away so big investments at the start can be a risk.
  • Maintain a well-structured time management. If you alternate between two jobs, everyday commitments and your free time, that means you have to get many things under one roof. Accordingly, make sure that you work out a clear timeline, when which area requires your focus, and that you can fill all four areas sufficiently.
  • Talk to your social environment about your ideas. Naturally, self-employment is viewed critically by employees. This is helpful in that you may be confronted with potential concerns about your idea and think about how they actually affect you. So your idea takes on more and more forms by trying to circumvent imponderabilities from the outset.
  • Invest your motivation in the project. Even though starting next to the job may not be your main activity at the outset, you should at least burn for the area you want to be active in and consider it an important part of your self-fulfillment. Then you bring the necessary motivation to really make the project a success.


Reasoning aside from the job is an excellent way to “try out” self-employment on a small scale, to prepare for a successful start as a full-time entrepreneur, or to permanently earn extra income from your regular job. In doing so, you benefit from a number of advantages, such as the absence of social security contributions for your additional earnings. It is important that you do not financially take over the job just beside the job, but at the same time you are full of passion. In this case, you can benefit from greater flexibility with simultaneous protection or greater self-fulfillment. Accordingly, the small step into self-employment can be rewarding for you in many ways.


Side job: Working from home – make easy money

How do I find the right part-time job for me?

For many people, founding a sideline is an attractive option. If you would like to be your own boss, you can first test your self-employment on a part-time basis and start with low-risk. Unlike many conventional side jobs, you can also work from home. Such a side job can also help you through times of crisis, when the money would not be enough.

The Internet is one of the best ways to become self-employed. This applies to start-up companies as well as start-up companies. The fact that many digital business models are often scalable, the step to full acquisition is then also smaller. And since the network often requires only a small start-up capital, risk-free reasons are possible here. So if you are looking for a part-time job , then we strongly recommend that you earn the money on the internet. Here you can, like hardly anywhere else – without large investments and costs – take up a second job, with which you can work flexibly from home and divide your (free) time yourself.

In 2015 alone, more than 763,000 people were self-employed in Germany alone. Approximately half of these start-ups were initially carried out as a side job. A lot of them had previously been on the lookout for part time jobs and homework opportunities and started earning money on the internet.

But not only the financial aspect and the free timing play a role here. Anyone working digitally can work from anywhere where there is internet. This allows new freedoms. But the work on the Internet and the associated (part-time) self-employment has many other advantages.

At this point again a short overview:

  • They work from home and earn money on the internet
  • You can start in the part-time job and later continue full-time
  • Internet marketing is one of the most lucrative ways of working at home
  • You can become self-employed part-time
  • You have no risk and no significant costs for your start-up
  • And much more

Side job on the Internet – How does it work?

So if you still think that getting started on making money on the Internet is risky, expensive and difficult, then we want to convince you otherwise: Take a look at the catering industry as an example. Many people trying to start their own business by opening up a catering trade – a self-sufficient classic. These people, for example, open a pub and believe that they can now automatically take money with it.

Sure, it is always drunk and and many people are enthusiastic about a cozy togetherness at the bar. But nevertheless, many catering establishments come to fruition within a short time, because it is not as simple as it seems: Most people who regularly visit a pub – and only the regulars – already have a regular pub. So why should these people suddenly go to the new pub to drink the same drinks? If you want to run a pub, then you definitely can not do that as a side job, because a pub takes a lot of time – not to mention the cost. A separate catering operation also binds you to a specific location and can not be automated.

Products from Amazon.de

Write texts, earn money: Become a serious copywriter and author on the internet from home

In addition, there are high additional costs for the new owner: For music GEMA fees have to be paid, drinks must be purchased and the restaurant itself is rented or leased. This example makes it clear what opportunities and advantages the Internet offers: Here you can already start with 1 or 2 euros per month by organizing a domain and a cheap web hosting package. On this basis, it is then possible to earn money. The risk is as low as the necessary investment, because except for web hosting initially incurred no cost. This makes part-time self-employment easier and more accessible than ever before.

Earn money with a part-time job on the internet

The Internet offers you the excellent opportunity to earn an additional income without any problems. Another huge advantage here is that you can freely divide your time. Because you work from home on your PC or notebook. So if you too want to become self-employed on a part-time basis, or are simply looking for sideline work at home and want to enjoy the opportunity of free time scheduling, then you should start today.

Take the step into self-employment and work from home on the Internet from today!

Making Money on the Internet: The Top 11 Tips for Working at Home

For whom is not it a dream to earn your money from home desk? And with a job that you or he like? Granted, working from home is not easy: in addition to a great deal of courage for the step into self-employment you need to be fun to be your own boss. Even acting on your own account should not deter you. In addition, a never-ending commitment, great flexibility and above all a high degree of patience should not be foreign to you.

Straight to the tips

Maybe you know the statement that self-being means above all “self” and “constant”. You are responsible for all activities, and if you want to make enough money, you must work continuously for your success and show passion. In addition, it often means react quickly, even on Sundays or public holidays, in the early morning or late in the evening. You have to be patient, because the great success might not be immediate – or because a customer is exhausting. But if you stick to it, working at home sooner or later will make a good living.

If you bring the aforementioned qualities, work from home and want to earn money on the internet, then we have exactly the right tips for you. But no matter which path you choose, you’ll need a trade license for all these jobs first. This costs about 20 euros, prices vary from city to city. At the beginning, it is sufficient to register for a small business.

What you have to keep in mind when doing part-time self-employment

Just because you’re self-employed as a sideline does not mean that you do not have to pay taxes or have less responsibilities than full-time self-employment. It just means that you achieve your main earnings with another activity. You have to register a trade and report your income to the tax office.
At the beginning, this method offers itself, because earning enough income to start living from one day to the next is difficult. However, that also means that you have to work twice for a while, especially if self-employment should eventually become your main job. Maybe you are just looking for a convenient method to earn a few euros by the way – even then the part-time foundation is very well suited for you.

By the way: Even out of unemployment you can start your business on a part-time basis. However, you can not work for more than 15 hours per week and you must continue to apply.

Part-time self-employment and the employer

You must not interfere with your activity with your employer. That means you can not compete or even hire customers. He also has to approve the self-employment. However, there are only a few cases in which he really has a handle to prohibit you the sideline independence. This is only possible if he sees a threat to the proper practice of your main job. If you’re self-employed at night and need to be at work in the wee hours of the morning, your boss can rightly assume that your performance will be limited.

What about the health insurance company for a start-up as a sideline?

If you are self-employed as a part-time employee, you are already insured through your employer (or the employment office) with the health insurance company, the pension fund and the long-term care fund. However, you should register your activity with the health insurance, because the income from your self-employment is added to your income from the main job and the amount of your contributions can change. Even if you are still studying and looking for a self-employment, the consultation with the health insurance is important.

Self-employed full-time or part-time?

There are certain circumstances that make your side job a major job. This applies, for example, if you work more in the secondary job than in your main job (which can easily happen if you are employed about three-four days) or earns more with the part-time job. It also applies if you employ someone who automatically makes you a full-time founder. At the employment office, the magic 15 hour limit applies.
What happens when you switch from part-time to full-time self-employment? As a self-employed person you no longer have to pay into the pension and unemployment insurance and can switch to private health insurance, if you want.

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Independently self-employed and taxes

When you sign up as a founder, you indicate on the form whether you are in the main or secondary job. Either way, you get after the business registration mail from the tax office and must complete a questionnaire. For the amount of taxes, it does not matter how you declare your independence – the tax office adds the income from your activities anyway. However, if you make use of the small business rules because you will earn less than € 17,500 in the first year after the foundation, you will not be required to show VAT on your bills and you will not have to pay them to the tax office.

1. Make money with your own online shop

First, the question arises, what you can sell on the Internet. Almost everything can be turned into money these days – from hand soap to sophisticated software. In order to earn money with an online shop , you need one thing above all, namely a sparkling business idea. If you have them for a whole new product or service that has rarely or not yet been offered, then the first important step is taken. You may have discovered a niche that you can cover with an online store on the internet.

Make money with your own online shop

For example, you can get to your own online shop with the tool “SUPR”

To help potential customers understand your offer so that they ultimately buy it, you need the following:

  • a well-designed website,
  • the appropriate advertising measures,
  • very big traffic on your site.

A well-designed website means that it works flawlessly, is well structured, and contains all the essential information about your offer. The website is your figurehead – so make sure people get to know them and stay with them after clicking. Also use your social media channels: Invite your family, friends and acquaintances to visit the site, share them with their circle of friends and like. Thus, over time, visitor numbers will increase. The more traffic you generate, the greater the chance that you can bring your product or service to the man or woman. Pay attention to these requirements and you will soon earn money with your online shop.

2. Work from home – advertise as an “affiliate”

If you run a blog or call a private website your own, you can also make money online with it. You can use so-called affiliate programs. You offer advertising material that you install on your site. Whenever a visitor to your website clicks on such an ad banner and buys something in the destination shop, you will receive a commission.

The Amazon affiliate program is probably the best-known affiliate network

Let’s say your blog deals with a specific topic, such as: Make-up. Then sign up with affiliate networks, switch on the appropriate advertising for make-up articles and you can already earn money with commissions between 2 and 25 percent of the value of the goods. Again, your revenue will increase as the number of visitors to your site increases. Some of these affiliate programs might be interesting for you:

  • nutriprofits.com (provider of health and wellness products)
  • AmazonPartnerNet (affiliate program from Amazon)
  • SuperClix.de (program for niche providers and adult topics)
  • Affili.net (numerous companies are represented)
  • Check24 affiliate program (known from advertising)
  • AWIN.com (formerly Zanox affiliate program)
  • Finanzen.de (program for credit and finance offers)
  • Belboon.com (offers exclusive partners, such as Nivea)
  • 500affiliates.com (Specialist for stock trader, commission up to $ 800)

To give an example, we take the affiliate program of NutriProfits . If you generate a sale through your blog or website here after signing up for the affiliate program, you can earn commissions of up to 40 percent. On average, here is the amount of commissions between 20 percent and 40 percent and that’s really a house number. This partner program focuses on high-quality branded health and wellness products.

With affiliate programs, you often have a choice of which method of payment you would like to use: pay-per-click (PPC), pay-per-lead (PPL), or pay-per-order (PPO).

With PPC you get a reward per click on the link or banner. This is very often in the cent range. PPL is remunerated when people sign up via your link to the newsletter or register on the homepage. There is a money gap between 1 and 40 euros. And PPO means that every purchase with a commission is usually paid between 2 and 25% of the purchase value.

om buch inartikel

3. Working from home as an influencer

An area of ​​activity in the field of working at home that has only existed for about ten years is that of the influencer. As such, it refers to people who use their prominence to promote companies’ products or services.

Make money with your own blog

Make money with your blog? The blog marketing on “Seeding Up” is quite easy

Companies pay money for this, because they depend on any good advertising. Take Kim Kardashian as an example: When she mentions or wears a specific product in one of her news or videos on Instagram, most of her followers want the same product.

But even if you are not a celebrity, you can still refer to websites like

  • Linkilike.com
  • Hashtaglove.de
  • Reachhero.de
  • SeedingUp.de

Sign up and advertise for a commission on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or Instagram for products. If your own blog or channel has many followers on Youtube, you can rightfully count yourself among the influencers. People follow you because you deal with specific topics and contribute to forming opinions. If you are lucky, some large companies will eventually catch your eye and offer you a cooperation of their own accord. This type of marketing is now a million dollar business. At least then you have made it as an influencer and can sometimes earn a lot of money on the Internet.

The most important rule in this work is to always stay authentic and provide your visitors with informational and interesting information only. If your Youtube channel becomes boring, your followers disappear very quickly and usually do not come back.

4. Work from home and answer online surveys

As a very good and secure way to earn money working from home, participating in online surveys. To participate in such surveys, all you need to do is create an account with several market research institutes using a free sign-up.

Earn money with surveys

Earn money with surveys at “Triaba”

The market researchers invite you to interviews that fit your profile. To participate in a survey, you will receive a fee of up to 15 euros. If you participate in a great deal of research, a considerable amount can come out. Experience has shown, however, that as a participant you are often sorted out after the first answers, because the information provided does not fit the topic of the survey.

5. Working from home as a product tester

Do you enjoy testing products? Then try yourself as a product tester. The simplicity of working from home is that you usually get the test products for free and keep them when the test is over.

Earn money as a product tester

Earning money as a product tester: It works with mytest and other providers.

To be able to work as a test subject for products, you need to look at relevant websites such as

  • MySurvey.com
  • Globaltestmarket.com
  • Toluna.com

to apply for admission. After logging in, you will be selected for specific tests based on your profile. You will receive the eligible product (digital products you will receive online) with detailed usage guidelines. Then you check the article over the specified period in the prescribed manner and then write an evaluation. You do not send them to the platform where you signed up, but usually directly to the manufacturer. Sometimes your rewards are in the product you can keep. In many cases, however, there is also money in the amount up to 40 euros. How high the fee is depends, among other things, on the type of test.

6. Make money on the internet as an author

A good way to work from home is to work as a writer or writer. If you had to send your manuscript to countless publishers before, you can start today as a so-called self-publisher. A lucrative form here is the eBook. More and more people do not buy books in the bookstore, but load the books onto their PC, tablet or eBook reader.

Making money as an author: That’s what it’s all about with kindle direct publishing

If you enjoy writing interesting, you can download one of the free formatting programs such as Kindle Textbook Creator, Mobipocket Creator, Caliber or Sigil, insert your text there and layout – you’ve already finished your eBook. There are also websites that do the most important work for you for a fee. These include, for example:

  • Kindle Direct Publishing from Amazon
  • tredition
  • Tolino media

The important thing is that you already have an idea of ​​what kind of eBook you want to publish – a guide, a book of poetry, a novel or a non-fiction book. There are countless subject areas with which you can make money writing in the internet .

7. Self-employed as a copywriter – Edit orders via the Internet

By writing texts – but in the form of commissioned work – you can also earn good money on the Web. The first step is to look for customers who give you orders for such texts. So you always have to keep your eyes open for new clients.

In addition, you can sign up for content platforms where you’ll need to provide a sample text after signing up and qualify for that text. In your quality level you can then accept orders and submit them after their completion. If you write high-quality articles, these are accepted relatively quickly by the clients and remunerated via the platform.

Sometimes you get them back for revision, so the process takes a little longer. Especially in times when there is a lack of customers on the open market, earning on the content platforms can make sure that you have your livelihood. Especially at the beginning of your job as a copywriter on the internet, it is important to write many articles so that you can earn income from which you make a living. You can sign up for the following content platforms:

  • Textbroker.de
  • Content.de
  • Textprovider.de

As a copywriter earn money

With platforms like textbroker you earn money as a copywriter

Incidentally, copywriters are often paid per word and the remuneration is between 1 and 10 cents per word. The price depends mainly on the quality of your lyrics. The more creative they are, the fewer grammatical or formal errors are contained, the more deeply does the client fall into his fee pocket. Fixed prices for texts are mainly paid by newspaper editors. But getting jobs there is not easy.

8. Earn your own language skills – make translations

A special form of home-work as a copywriter is making translations for clients. Maybe you are not only fluent in your native language, but have also learned other foreign languages ​​such as English, Spanish, French or Chinese.

The web is always looking for translators who can translate everything from simple letters to highly complex contracts. Especially in business or scientific translations, it is not just about the correct grammar, but also about understanding the original text in its intention and transferring it from this point of view into the desired language.

For working as a translator at home you need not only first-class language skills, but also a good understanding, an excellent sense of language as well as skills in the areas of information retrieval (research) and target group orientation. This is necessary because certain texts are suitable only for a certain circle of persons, which must be reflected in the translation.

9. Earn money with photos – that’s the way it works

Earn money with pictures is a popular and lucrative way to make money online. Of course, it’s only for you if you have a creative streak and you might like to take pictures anyway. The finishing touch to the professionalism you can give your skills for example with YouTube videos or attend a course. In general, however, the digital camera technology and the diverse possibilities of image editing pave the way for many creative people to turn their passion for photography into cash. This is not only true for photos, but also for graphics. However, we want to deal here with the subject of photography.

For your success with photos you really only need a camera, a good eye and an image editing program. The best camera is a digital SLR that lets you shoot high-resolution photos.

Sell ​​your photos on the internet

You can offer your photos online at various picture agencies, some of which specialize in different subjects. Among the best known sites are:

  • Fotolia.com
  • Shutterstock.com
  • Istockphoto.com
  • 123rf.com
  • Fotosearch.de

The picture agencies assign rights of use or licenses on your behalf. Customers pay to use the photos. However, this also leads to overlaps, so that different photos can appear on different pages. There is also the possibility to offer your pictures exclusively or to make extra photos for customers. Then you best market them through your own website, which you advertise on social networks like Facebook. However, it only becomes worthwhile if you offer many pictures on different platforms.

Making money with photography: There are other ways

For a photographer, there is more than one way to earn money from photography. We have some ideas on how to get started as a photographer. For some, however, you need more than one website and one Facebook account, because you have to be “on the phone” and you will have customer contact. But there are worse things, right?

1. Offer your service as a photographer

It does not have to be the wedding photography for which you really should have a knack – also events in your near surroundings, parties and anniversaries are looking forward to a competent photographer who captures the event in pictures.

2. Sell shirts, bags and more with your photos

All you need is the internet and possibly a website where you can promote your art again. Take your best motives and upload them on a page that specializes in photo products, for example, Spreadshirt. There you can print shirts, mugs and much more with a photo or a graphic. The production takes place, however, only if the customer has bought, also the dispatch takes place by the Dienstleister. This is straightforward and risk-free for you, but the site receives a commission.

3. Make your pictures on the topic on Youtube

As you learn how to create and edit your images to get the results you want, you’ll collect a lot of tips that you can share with other amateur photographers. So make small videos on techniques and tricks and at the same time gain more attention as a photographer.

With these tips you should be able to earn one or the other euro with photography.

10. Be on the road with the smartphone as a micro jobber

If you travel a lot, have a smartphone with a good camera, you can earn money on the Internet as an app jobber, so to speak. All you have to do is load apps like Fotolia, Streetpotr or AppJobber onto your phone and you’ll be ready to pick orders that will be displayed on a map of your area. It’s almost always about visiting certain places, taking pictures, answering one or the other question and forwarding everything to the app. For every completed order you will receive a fee. In order to generate a decent additional income, you have to take on extremely many assignments. But finally cattle makes crap – that is, every order flushes money at the end of the month on your account.

11. Make money with your blog – that’s how it works

First of all, trying to make money with your blog is not a matter of a few days or weeks, but mostly a long-term business. But it is also a sustainable way to earn money online. As a blogger you publish articles, give tips and dive deep into topics, or you rent advertising space on your blog.

This method is for you if you like to write or know someone who can do that for you. Good content is the deciding factor for a successful blog, and the much-added value for your audience is particularly important here.

There are blogs on every topic, from the organization of children’s birthday parties on marketing topics to crafting content. Everything is possible, what other people are interested in and what they are looking for online information.

The basic conditions for making money from your blog:

  • An exciting topic that haunts your target group.
  • Problems for which you offer the solutions.
  • A domain that ideally already has a few years under its belt.
  • Fast loading times.
  • Regularly new content.
  • All other tricks around SEO.
  • TRAFFIC, TRAFFIC, TRAFFIC – What’s in a store is the number of visitors to your blog. It is the most important requirement for earning money with the blog.

You can earn money with your blog, even a lot. However, do not try to focus on just one webpage, but ideally build multiple pages. Once you learn how it works, it’s always easier for you. Many bloggers use WordPress to sell their content. It has many advantages, because it is easy to use and looks great with a few simple tweaks. However, you should pay attention to blogging successfully with WordPress:

Successful as a blogger with WordPress, basic tips:

  Make all updates and keep your blog up to date.

  • Be careful with plugins: too many of them interfere with load times or can become a security hole.
  • Stick to the rules around data protection (keyword: DSGVO)

Make marketing for your blog  

Of course you have to market your blog as well. Link it to social media and share your posts in Pinterest and Instagram.

Make your blog money: the most important options

Google Adsense

The most common way to make money from your blog is to include advertising. You can participate as a blogger on Google Adsense. When you’re unlocked, you’ll embed small codes in the appropriate places on your blog. Then Google will play your ads to your visitors. You earn with every click on an ad, usually between 0.10 and 0.80 €.

This method is simple and works great on mobile devices as well. Google pays the revenue from your blog monthly when the income threshold is reached. There are, however, disadvantages. Many visitors have an adblocker installed and do not see the ads. These can also adversely affect the charging time. And: You must mention the Google advertising in your privacy policy and show a cookie hint.

Market advertising space directly

Earning money from your blog will help you earn more revenue the more you can bargain with your affiliates. As a blogger you are interesting for every company whose target group you refer to. Of course, that only applies if you have many readers. So you prepare a media kit in which you prepare your key figures. If your site gets a little bit more known, companies will come to you by themselves. Otherwise, you can proactively offer your advertising space.

The banners are usually not recognized by adblockers and you do not have to give any indication in your privacy policy. Possible drawback: Banners are simply ignored by many readers.

Earn money with Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are an irregular but lucrative way to earn money from your blog. In such a case, you write a blog post about the product of a company that you then share on social media. The post should not appear too promotional, but must be marked as an ad. Too often, you should not use this method to make sure your paid content on your blog does not get out of hand.

The more readers you have, the higher your sponsored posts can be.

Market your own products with your blog

Of course, your blog is ideal for marketing your own products. Write interesting articles about your focus topic and bind your readers to you. Do not focus primarily on your products, but the benefits that they and your articles have for your visitors. Be generous with your tips and publish new content regularly. The links to your shop you tie in the big picture.

The benefit: When you market products directly through your blog, you can get the most revenue. Since there is no intermediary or affiliate, you can eat the cake all by yourself – after deducting all investment costs, of course.


Earn money with online advertising: monetize your blog and website

She seems to be following us often. No matter where we are, she finds us. Whether shopping, listening to the radio, watching TV and especially surfing the internet. Many find it annoying and even talk about a sensory overload. Well done and used properly, but it offers many benefits. After all, it manages to keep prices as low as possible through competition and to spark people’s curiosity about new products. You’ve probably guessed it long ago – it’s about advertising.

Online advertising can be an excellent way for internet entrepreneurs to monetize their blog or website. Properly used, it can even offer your visitors added value. Noteworthy sources of revenue to earn money with online advertising include affiliate marketing, pay-per-click advertising, blog marketing and link leasing. Since Affiliate Marketing is very comprehensive, we want to dedicate this topic to our own blog post. In this article, we want to show you today how you can create a decent additional income with pay-per-click advertising, blog marketing and link leasing.

Earn Money With Online Advertising – The Requirements

To start earning money with online advertising on your blog or website, you’ll need as many traffic as possible to your website.

After all, the traffic ultimately decides how much money you can make by switching to Internet advertising. The larger the stream of visitors, the more interesting the website or blog is for potential advertisers. If you do not have that many visitors, you should first focus on traffic generation . Think about the topics you can inspire the visitors with. It is important to know how you can provide them with the highest added value. Create an interesting blog that convinces with good content and is published as regularly as possible, preferably at least three times a week, new articles.

Easily integrate pay-per-click advertising into your website

Pay per click advertising is good for beginners. As a blog or website operator, you can easily incorporate the ad into your page via a code snippet. Possible is text or banner advertising. Using this code, the provider can also understand on which website a click has been made and assign him to the right publisher.
If a visitor now clicks on the advertisement, the publisher receives a predetermined compensation. The ads displayed to the user generally depend on their browsing behavior and page content.

In pay-per-click advertising, the number of providers is significantly lower than with the pay-per-sale or pay-per-lead billing model. We would now like to introduce two very popular and well-known providers, with which a nice additional earnings can be built up.

Banner and text ads go online with Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the largest and best-known pay-per-click provider with two million users. Many websites use the opportunity of advertising switching to finance their business and to build up additional earnings .

With Google AdSense, you decide for yourself whether you would rather integrate banner or text advertising into your website. Also a combination of text and display ads is possible. Through responsive ad units, all ads can also be watched from mobile devices. Payments per click vary depending on the advertiser who can set the price. They start with a few cents, but can also be rewarded with over 2 euros.

All ads are checked to see if they really fit your target audience. If you are still dissatisfied with an ad, you can easily block it. For this reason, only the advertisements that you agree with will appear on your website or blog. These can be placed by you, where you like it best.

Another benefit of using Google AdSense is that different advertisers bid for your ad space, so you can maximize revenue.

InText Advertising is powered by Adiro

InText advertising is a special form of text advertising. Here, individual words or even entire text passages are underlined and provided with a link. If the reader now moves the mouse over the underlined text passage, a small advertising window opens. This can be clicked on or ignored by the reader at will. Most of the advertising messages are tailored to the context of the page.

A big advantage of InText advertising is that it does not seem as obtrusive as banner advertising and therefore does not arouse the reader’s dislike. Due to the contextual focus on the content, this form of online advertising also offers users added value.
In order to integrate InText advertising into your website, you first need a provider. Adiro offers both InText and banner ads.

The partner program Adiro has more than 6200 website partners and works with direct clients international network partners and media agencies.
The Adiro affiliate program gives you 15% commission on all affiliate sales.

Blogmarketing: Make money with paid guest contributions

Blogs are becoming increasingly popular and often have a respectable ranking. This is often used by companies for their SEO strategy . You too can benefit more from your blog than you might have thought. The greater your reach, the more prospective clients will be interested in working together.

Blog marketing is ultimately about monetizing your blog. You reach for example, by looking at you blog marketing platforms such blogatus , RankSider or domain Boosting signing. There you can accept orders from companies, then write relevant topics and publish them on your blog. For each successful mediation between publisher and advertiser, the respective blog marketing platform receives a certain commission, which is usually 30%.
Of course, it is easier and more lucrative if you simply let the company publish your guest contribution. So you have no effort with the content creation .

You can set the price for the contribution publication individually. It amounts to an average of 100-300 Euro net, but of course depends on the traffic of your website and the respective companies. Smaller companies or startups are usually not able to pay as much as larger companies for a contribution publication.

The entrepreneur profits in this cooperation from a high-quality link building and you from a good remuneration and a topic-relevant unique content for your website.

What if I do not want to sign up for a blog marketing platform?

If you do not want to sign up for such a blog marketing platform, but you run a blog with interesting content that also generates a lot of traffic, you can also simply add a guest post section to your website.

Under this menu item you can then show that there is the possibility on your blog to publish guest contributions and that interested people can sign up. We at Gründer.de have successfully implemented this concept for several years.

If you have a lot of traffic on your website, this type of marketing can generate good revenue. But you should always make sure that the guest post topics or the linked websites match your website content. Otherwise, you can quickly scare off your readers by too many non-thematic posts. However, as you can not always count on regular assignments, you should consider it a complementary passive source of income for your main profession.

link Rental

Backlinks play a major role in search engine optimization. Valuable backlinks make a significant contribution to being positioned higher in the Google ranking. This circumstance is used by many website or blog operators. They rent links to the company, shops, etc. and receive a one-time payment. Paid links, however, Google does not like. Therefore, one should exercise caution and not exaggerate this possibility of making money. A provider of Link hire – and renting is backlink sellers . This is where web site operators and advertisers come together.

Make Money Online with Online Advertising – Conclusion

If you already have a lot of traffic, you should not miss out on the opportunity to earn money with online advertising. Especially if you’re seeing a lot of traffic, advertisers will definitely be interested in your website and you can build up a nice extra income. Whenever you engage in advertising, be sure to match the content on your website and add value to your visitors. The most lucrative way to earn money online with online advertising is to look at affiliate marketing. If you are interested in this form of Internet advertising, you should not miss the next article in our series ” Discovering passive sources of income “.


Reputable home work without costs: 5 tricks for making money on the Internet

Serious home work without costs

The Internet offers many opportunities to earn money from home . There are people who are skeptical about homeworking and find the whole thing dubious. You can not blame them for that either. After all, there are many black sheep in this area that promise you the blue of the sky.

From dubious snowball systems to offers in various TV videotexts everything is there. Homeworking is in principle serious . Because it means nothing more than working from home and earning money. But how do you now find a serious home work without costs? A home work that allows you to start earning money right away without having to make an investment first? And what advantages does earning money on the Internet actually offer?

If you want to earn your money through homework from home over the Internet in the future, then you can benefit from the following benefits:

  1. Through numerous opportunities on the Internet, you will be able to earn a lot more money with the same amount of time than with another side job.
  2. You can be your own boss. That means you decide yourself when, where and how much you want to work.
  3. Having a home-based work and benefiting from a flexible schedule also means spending more time with family, friends and hobbies.
  4. You can start without any risk. In general, there are no costs for rent, staff, machines, etc. All you need for your homework is a PC or laptop and an internet connection.
  5. Even your own website is not required for many activities on the Internet.
  6. Since many steps and processes can be automated on the Internet , you can generate additional income even while you’re on vacation and doing nothing.

A decisive advantage is that you are not exposed to deadline pressure. You work independently from home and decide where, when and how fast you can and want to do certain tasks. However, serious home work at no cost does not necessarily mean that you always have to work from home. The Internet allows you to work from anywhere. Whether on vacation on the beach, in the hotel, on the train, on the plane, etc. The only thing you need is an internet connection.

In addition, you have no hassles with customers, sales, technology, etc. For home-based work on the Internet, you do not have to be a sales or technical talent. Even without your own product, you can earn money. You will not have to bother with bills, returns, etc. with the automation of various subprocesses.

Making money from home work on the Internet?

Then we recommend our online marketing video course, which we created especially for our interested parties. You can request the video course for free. All you need to do is enter your e-mail address in the form below right here. In the video course, you’ll learn how to successfully start making money on the Internet through reputable home work at no cost .

In addition, in our video course, we also discuss what options are available in this area and what to look for when looking for serious home work. From home, you can really make money easily and conveniently. For this purpose, however, a certain know-how is necessary in order to be able to avoid certain beginner errors, especially at the beginning.

Building a secondary income through serious homework on the Internet is not risky because you generally do not have to spend on investment. The production or sale of your own product is not necessary. Furthermore, many earning opportunities on the Internet can be done even without a website.

There are many different ways to earn money on the Internet through working at home, you just have to know which one is there and what you should be aware of.

Home work without prepayment: This is what you can expect in the free course

If you sign up for the online course, you will get many helpful tips for your online business. You will learn in the course:

  • 4 mistakes that make your business fail
  • 3 tips for more visitors to your website
  • How do I set up my own site to successfully start my homework?
  • Home work on autopilot: This is how automation works
  • 9-step guide to success

Only sideline or main job?

Homework main job

The question you have to ask yourself: Do I only want to do homework as a side job or do I want to be able to live on it? Anyone who is determined to go online can look forward to a financially relaxed life in the long term. It is important that you follow the points in the video course exactly.

Serious homework without costs for everyone: The conclusion

You see, with these tips and tricks you will relive homeworking. Say goodbye to dubious opportunities, learn how to build your own Internet business. So you too can earn money from your home soon.

Selling eBooks

Make money on the internet by selling eBooks

What we always recommend to our prospects, because it is simply one of the most lucrative ways to make money on the Internet, is making money with e-books. We are undoubtedly in the information age and the typical user on the Internet is looking for information. People appreciate high-quality and carefully prepared information extremely and are therefore readily willing to pay for such information and money.

And that’s not too close depending on the industry and topic! The mail-order giant Amazon relies fully on e-books and sells more of them today than printed books. There are certainly many reasons for this, but mainly the proliferation of e-book readers and the advantages of e-books as digital books play a crucial role. It is in the digital nature of e-books that they need to be created only once, and then not only duplicated infinitely, but also transmitted to the buyer’s terminal immediately. The ebook becomes a product that is immediately available online and always in stock.

And here lies the decisive advantage in earning money with e-books on the Internet. You too can earn money on the internet with your e-book. While there are many people who are still skeptical of e-books and prefer the printed version, there is still a market niche here!

E-books are becoming increasingly popular with shoppers as more and more people own a reader and more and more people are reading e-books on their smartphones, such as using the Kindle app. At the same time, self-published e-books do not have to hide behind digital books backed by professional publishers. Actually, anyone can sell e-books themselves and if you want to sell one, then you should know what options there are.

In general, there are two different ways you can sell digital books to make money online. On the one hand, you can either write your own e-books or you can have them written or you can buy a so-called reseller license , which entitles you to resell.

If you decide to write an e-book yourself, it is necessary that you really know the subject area and have the necessary know-how. To write, you really only need a word processor, such as Microsoft Word. You can start writing right away. More professional and free alternatives for writing e-books are also Atavist or Caliber .

If you decide to write the e-book you offer, you have the distinct advantage of being able to choose and customize both pricing and distribution channels. You can also increase the purchase price if the demand is very good or vice versa at any time lower, if the demand should not be so high.

Advantages of self-writing eBooks:

  • You have your own e-book with all rights – the pricing is completely up to you
  • You have the right to change the price as you like and to determine the sales channels yourself

Disadvantages of self-writing eBooks:

  • One-time high time and effort for the creation
  • Certain know-how on the subject required

The other possibility is that you can simply write e-books or buy a so-called reseller license. Here you pay a one-time license fee to the licensor and thus have the right to sell a specific e-book. The biggest advantage here is that you have no time and effort to write and you can select under the licenses currently highly sought after topics, without having to have the necessary know-how.

However, there are extremely many black sheep in this area, so you need to pay close attention to buying reseller licenses.

Advantages of Reseller Licenses:

  • You have no time and effort to create
  • You do not need your own know-how for the respective topic

Disadvantages of Reseller Licenses:

  • You are often very limited in marketing rights and pricing
  • You can not easily adjust the price to the market

The huge advantage of both variants is that for you sales = profit applies, because because you have for a digital book no production costs, shipping and storage costs, etc., there are no fees.