Working from home remains the most popular perk

Amanda Augustine – TopCV

September 5, 2022

Survey results focused on the most popular work benefit among UK office workers* in 2022 is the option to work from home, either in a hybrid or full-time capacity.

Surveying 1,000 Urespondents selected the top three job-related benefits that matter most to them when evaluating a new job opportunity. According to the survey results:

  • Work-from-home options — which include hybrid working and full-time remote working — topped the list, chosen by a majority (52%) of respondents.
  • The four-day working week (at full pay) comes second, chosen by two in five respondents (40%).

The findings suggest that work-life balance is a top priority for UK workers in the post-COVID era. This is confirmed by new data from Workplace Advanced Associateswhich revealed that UK workers currently only work in the office 1.5 days a week, on average.

The option of working from home was more popular among women surveyed, with nearly three in five (59%) ranking it as one of the main benefits of the job, compared to just 42% of men. ”Childcare or financial help” was only selected by 12% of women surveyed and 8% of men, suggesting that remote work allows more people to balance their parental duties with their obligations. professionals.

Although it has already been rolled out to 3,300 employees, as of June 2022 a four-day working week at full pay was not chosen by the majority of UK workers* (60%) as a benefit major. While working from home has been tried and tested by most office workers during the pandemic, these new findings point to uncertainty surrounding the four-day week among UK office workers.

UK workers appear to be doubling down on their preference for flexible working arrangements at a time when many companies, like Apple, are beginning to tighten restrictions on hybrid work policies. Office and recreation benefits were among the lowest ranked benefits, with ‘free meals or meal allowance’ selected by only 14% of respondents, and ‘gym membership’ selected by only 8% .

“In today’s post-COVID ’employee market’, it’s clear that workers no longer just value benefits that promote work-life balance — they need them,” said Amanda Augustine. , career expert for TopCV. “While a free lunch, beanbags and foosball may have caught the eye of new hires before the pandemic (when five days in the office was the norm), employees now have a taste for browsing more comfortably in their personal and family lives, and as these results suggest, they don’t want to sacrifice this arrangement. Adding a new initiative to the mix, such as the four-day week, will no doubt create more appetite among British workers for flexible arrangements in the months ahead.


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