What is Raisa Kuddus and Austin Coleman’s net worth? The ‘First Home Fix’ star has been a professional BMX rider since 1995

Renovation and design gurus Raisa Kuddus and Austin Coleman help new homeowners transform their homes without breaking the bank in the new HGTV series “First Home Fix.” Working from their vintage VW van, which doubles as a design office, Austin Coleman and Raisa Kuddus create custom renovations for honeymooners and millennials.

Professional renovators and collaborators, Raisa Kuddus and Austin Coleman, the show’s co-hosts are real partners. Their chemistry and timing will certainly reassure owners and build trust. Coleman and Kuddus mentioned how they heard their clients well and brainstormed with them to accurately portray their personalities and vision.


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Meet the hosts of HGTV’s new show “First Home Fix”

austin coleman

One of HGTV’s new faces and the co-host of the new show “Fix Home First.” He is a skilled builder and cabinet maker who is passionate about incorporating one-of-a-kind custom pieces into each of his projects. A professional restorer now, but Austin has also been a professional BMX rider since 1995, his favorite trick is 3 down whips. Austin also graced the cover of “Transworld BMX”. Austin currently lives with his partner Raisa Kuddus, in Tustin, California.


Raisa Kuddus

Raisa Kuddus is a painter, artist, and art director who sees the world through the prism of nature, and as a result, it bleeds into everything she does. She believes she developed this lens because her father was a microbiologist. Kuddus is quite close to his family and often talks about his life and family on Instagram. In one of the posts, she talks about and celebrates a major life crisis that she and her family have overcome. Her mother, who suffered three heart attacks, suffered severe functional damage, but soon after, her mother regained a healthy heart and underwent a successful operation.


What is the collective net worth of Austin Coleman and Raisa Kuddus?


As of 2022, the collective net worth of Austin Coleman and Raisa Kuddus is just over $5 million.

When and where will “Fix Home First” air?

The show will premiere September 3 at 10 p.m. ET on HGTV.

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