What are the phrases that do not need “Ok Google”



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The big G company has unveiled a novelty for its Google Home applications and its virtual assistant. This, in summary form, has been added to make the job easier when requesting a request from the assistant, thus avoiding starting with the typical “OK Google”.

The new function officially announced by the company is called Quick expressions. This alternative allows you to assign the Google Assistant specific tasks, example, turning off the lights, turning on the television, setting a new alarm, etc. So you can make the most of it.

This is one of the alternatives to say OK Google

Below you have up to 20 quick shortcuts that will help you leave the infamous OK Google behind you, after the virtual assistant verifies that your voice is issuing the command:

– Cancel alarms
– Turn on the light
– Set an alarm for 5 a.m.
– What’s the weather like now
– Send a message
– Turn on the TV
– Send an ad
– What time is it
– What day is it today
– Send an ad
– Increase the volume
– Increase the brightness of the lights
– Place a song
– Skip this song
– Create a revolutionary
– Create a family note
– Cancel the timer
– Pause music
– Set the timer for 2 minutes
– Cancel the timer

As you may have read, these are some of the alternatives that Google has applied in its new novelty for its virtual assistant. However, you should keep in mind that this feature called Quick Phrases only works on new speakers and mobiles with updated versions of the operating system.

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