What are the difficulties encountered by new graduates? We asked, you answered



“Here are some tips that may help graduates who are applying or are about to apply next year (it has worked well for me):

1) Apply early. It is the most important. Companies tend to start recruiting (graduates or interns) a few weeks after the opening of applications (in August / September to start the following summer). For competitive institutions like banks, many divisions are in their places by Christmas – by then they won’t need to read CVs afterwards.

2) Talk to HR or current graduates at career fairs. If you meet HR there, a little chat where you show your interest can speed up your CV even if it is definitely average. The same is true with the knowledge of an employee. Impressions matter more than a piece of paper where everyone “changes” the truth anyway.

3) Have a role model for jurisdictional issues. First you really spend time answering the questions of the first questions, then you just repeat most of what you already have in mind. it’s all about keywords: in some companies, algorithms look for them and will reject your application if you don’t have them.

4) For the interview, do your research, but be honest about what you don’t know. Asking interesting questions is the best way to get employees interested in you, and if you ask the right questions, it can compensate for some questionable answers from the previous phase. Most of us big business employees know that you don’t know much about the job you want to do yet, but that doesn’t matter – we’re here to teach you, happy to teach you. do if you feel like learning. . We just want to work with someone who is easy to work with.

The key to the interview process is to be successful at selling yourself without coming across as pushy. Some people on the interviewer side may mistake your modesty and frankness for not knowing everything and not pretending, but they are probably arrogant themselves, and not the type of people you want to work with. anyway – you won’t miss a thing. Good luck! “- TFCM is back


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