What are the applications of an old Android phone?

Sometimes it is quite difficult to say goodbye to your old Android phone because you have spent a considerable amount of money on it. You may have replaced the old phone with a higher-end model, but you will still have some affiliation with the old one. However, you might be wondering what to do with your old phone? Well, there are a number of things and functions your old phone can definitely perform. Thus, you never think of throwing away your old Android phone as there are a number of apps which will be discussed below:

8 Ways to Use Your Old Android Phone

1) Use your old Android phone as a mouse:

You would be surprised to know that you can use your old Android phone as a mouse. Suppose, if you’re sitting away from your laptop connected to your TV with an HDMI cable, this Android mouse can come in handy. Otherwise, you will have to move again and again to pause or transfer a movie. Two highly rated apps on Google Play Store that can let you use your old Android phone as a mouse are listed below:

2) Use it as a universal remote:

Universal remote controller

You can use even the most outdated Android handset as a smart remote for your home or office. It can certainly be a handy approach to controlling your many smart gadgets and media components. All you have to do is install the required apps on your old phone or tablet such as:

  • Google Nest (for smart devices)
  • Universal remote control for AC
  • Universal remote control for televisions

3) Use your old phone as a security camera:

security camera

Turning an outdated smartphone into a security camera can go a long way. It’s very simple to do, and there are apps like EyesPie that let you use your phone as a security camera. To use the service, you will need a few smartphones. Your old smartphone can be used as a security camera, and the phone you’re currently using can be used for surveillance. You can record using your old phone’s front or back cameras, with audio and motion detection, and both phones can even be used as a walkie-talkie. Apart from EyesPie, other security camera apps are listed below:

4) Use your old phone as a webcam:

old phone as webcam

A good webcam is more essential than ever in the age of videoconferencing. You may not have a webcam at all, depending on the desktop or laptop you are using. Even if you do, it will be of low quality, causing your friends and colleagues to see blurry photos of you online.

You probably have a better camera on your old phone than you could buy for less money, so make good use of it. An Android phone can easily be used as a webcam and will provide better image quality than most standard webcams.

There are a few things you will need for this to work. The first and most important is a webcam app, which lets you connect to your computer using your phone. There are various free and paid apps that will do the job, but keep in mind that some of the free apps will have a watermark. You have the option of connecting your phone to your computer via Wi-Fi or a cable.

Once you’ve taken care of the technical requirements, the next thing you’ll need is a solution to keep your phone in its place. A bit of masking tape would do, although it would look a little weird. A tripod, a magnetic stand, a metal arm, etc. may turn out to be better options.

5) Use it as a Google Home speaker:

Google Home speaker

Set up your old Android phone as Google home The smart speaker is a fairly simple process and does not require any app downloads. On your Android phone, all you need to do is visit settings and enable “OK, Google”. functionality of the Google Assistant settings. Next, you will need to pair a Bluetooth speaker with your phone. You need to make sure that both devices stay plugged in, as they need to stay on at all times. You will now be ready to instantly give commands to Google Assistant.

6) Turn your old phone into an offline music player:

Google docking speaker

An outdated phone can also be used as an offline music player. MicroSD cards are no longer a regular feature on modern phones like iPhones etc., but that wasn’t the case 3-4 years ago. Therefore, if you have a huge offline music collection, you can quickly transfer it to a microSD card and insert it into your old Android phone. Therefore, you will be able to use it as an offline music player.

7) Use the old phone as a calendar:

use an old phone as a calendar

Use your old device as a personal calendar by placing it on your desktop. The free DigiCal Calendar Agenda app gives you an even more graphical and customizable interface perfectly suited for this purpose, while Google’s own Calendar app can get the job done with many productivity-focused aspects.

8) Make your phone an alarm clock:


This is a very obvious use, as you can easily turn an old phone into an alarm clock and place it by your bedside. Moreover, on Android, there are many free alarm clock apps, including Sleepzy, AlarmMon, etc. However, the built-in alarm clock app is definitely the best. However, there are challenge-based alarm apps, which require you to solve a puzzle or math problem before hitting the snooze button.

  1. Wake Up Challenges
  2. Alarm clock for early risers

Last words:

We hope you have now learned the different ways to use your old smartphone. So, if you like our article or have any questions about it, mention them in the comment section!

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