Users may no longer need to use “Hey Google” for some Google Assistant features.


From the start, one of the most powerful AI-powered virtual assistants in the world; Google Assistant voice commands started with a “Hey Google” or “OK Google” line, but that may change soon.

Reports Android Police and 9to5Google, suggest that a new feature is being developed, known as “voice shortcuts”, which will allow you to bypass the “hey Google” part of the command under specific circumstances, making use of faster and easier voice control. With it, it will also become easy to spend a few more minutes in bed or to quickly answer a call without adding any extra words.

The feature is codenamed “Guacamole,” and it’s almost certain that users would have to agree to an additional array of privacy terms before allowing it to overcome any potential privacy fiasco. There are also chances that a special toggle switch for this in the Google Assistant settings.

However, at this time, it’s unclear exactly when it will roll out, although Guacamole has been in development since March. But, we can’t be sure when Google will make the option available in Google Assistant for Android.

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