United Arab Emirates: Some companies encourage working from home as Covid-19 cases increase – News

New cases rose from under 50 about 10 days ago to 665 on Wednesday

Posted: Thu 23 Dec 2021, 10:56

With the increase of new cases of Covid-19 in the United Arab Emirates, some companies in the United Arab Emirates have reduced their capacity to work from the office and they are encouraging workers to work from home for employee safety.

New cases of Covid have increased in recent days, from less than 50 around 10 days ago to 665 on Wednesday. Despite the increase in new cases, the hospitalization rate has remained low. Currently, only three percent of patients with Covid-19 are hospitalized.

“Homework is here to stay! The majority of applicants and clients we speak to who work from home right now feel that they have proven that they can be trusted to be productive by working from home, reducing or eliminating the need for them to be back in the office, ”said Waleed Anwar, Managing Director of Upfront HR.

While it is necessary to work from home to help contain the spread of the virus, he said employers would confidently opt for the change, having confidence in their employees to continue working efficiently.

Anwar added that UAE businesses should be able to navigate the new variant in a calm and measured manner as businesses have experience with the pandemic and most people are on vacation due to the season. celebrations.

“As the number of Covid-19 cases has increased, as a precaution, many multinationals have reduced their capacity to 50% and are further encouraging working from home. This practice seems to be the new normal and something that people have adapted to very well now. So we don’t see organizations getting upset with the changes. It’s here to stay until the pandemic is over, ”said Anjali Samuel, Managing Partner, Mindfield Resources.

She noted that there is less anxiety among employees about changes in the workplace and they focus more on results.

Mayank Patel, country manager of Adecco Middle East, said a significant number of companies have decided to move from existing business models to hybrid work packages, including remote and flexible working.

“With a slight increase in Covid cases, some companies could continue with their work-from-home agreement, while others plan to move their backend and support function to a permanent work-from-home protocol. Companies that cannot offer such work-from-home options for certain positions tend to tighten their health and safety measures, especially social distancing protocols, travel restrictions, etc., to keep people safe. employees, ”he said.

Patel suggested that companies put in place an efficient and sustainable working model until the infectious disease is completely under control.


“Providing employees with flexibility in where to work can help attract and retain talent, especially for positions in support, technology, administration, etc. Many organizations are expected to switch to hybrid working arrangements in 2022 to maintain flexibility, reduce mental stress and burn, thereby also improving work-life balance, ”he added.

Patel said many companies have created a work-from-home policy for one or two days a week, or on an exceptional basis for a few employees.

In the future, virtual reality conferencing will become the preferred form of communication in business over face-to-face meetings to optimize resources, reduce costs for business travel, office space and infrastructure. to be sustainable, he concluded.

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