Uniphore acquires Colabo

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Uniphore, a conversational automation provider, announced the acquisition of Colabo, an AI-powered knowledge automation system specializing in the real-time collection and exploitation of information from structured documents and unstructured.

Vijai Shankar, VP of Product and Growth at Uniphore, told CMSWire that intelligent virtual assistants and human agents are empowered with the most appropriate hardware in every customer engagement through dynamic knowledge extraction from various systems. of business.

Extracting information from data

Currently, IVAs and human agents have access to legacy knowledge management systems that are not tied to enterprise applications, leading to loss of value over time due to data complexity and quality issues, according to Shankar. Companies will be able to use AI to extract knowledge entities and graphs from structured and unstructured data using Colabo’s solution integrated with Uniphore’s conversational automation platform.

When IVAs and live agents have access to this information, they will be able to provide better service to clients, Shankar promised. With the addition of knowledge-based AI, Uniphore expands its AI capabilities beyond speech and emotions.

“The integration would enhance our existing self-service and agent assistance solutions with a dynamic artificial intelligence solution capable of extracting knowledge entities and graphs from different enterprise applications, empowering agents and assistants intelligent virtual machines to learn dynamically in real time,” Shankar said. .

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Uniphore provides businesses with conversational AI

Uniphore X is a conversational AI and automation platform that helps organizations discover the value of every customer interaction. In today’s organizations, the platform is made available to certain people. Uniphore drives automation throughout the complete customer agent experience in contact centers to:

  • Connect the entire journey – self-service, agent support and analytics
  • Prioritize agent performance and engagement via best next action, after-call work summary, promise management
  • Enable informed optimization, leveraging data capture to generate actionable insights
  • Use AI and automation to intelligently connect with customers throughout the customer journey and meet the needs of the customer service ecosystem

“From the beginning, we built Colabo with a vision to help personalize customer experiences from the moment they contact a business to the resolution of their issue,” said Yoav Dembak, co-founder and CEO of Colabo. , in a press release. “Today, I’m proud to say we’ve achieved that goal and are taking our vision even further by integrating with Uniphore’s conversational AI and automation platform, bringing rigor , ultimate agility and accuracy on every contact center request.”

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