Tremendous increase in Windows 11 usage this month as OS version crosses 16% share / Digital Information World

To operate the operating systems of personal computers, Microsoft began to introduce a system under the name Windows from 1985 to until and this time the version that emerged from it was very successful and in just 2-3 month the ratio rose from 8.6% to more than 16%. Thanks to this, it contributes a lot to maintain the value of Windows.

At the beginning of Windows OS, it offered an interface in which many features are included like scrollbars, drop-down menus, etc. Almost 36 years ago, it moved its headquarters to Washington, which brought in $61 million. company because its public price per share rose to $21. After this remarkable success, Microsoft presented its latest version, 11, in the last quarter of 2021. This time, it achieved almost double the revenue of last November. The latest increase looks quite encouraging and draws the attention of other investors towards Microsoft Company.

But a question arises: how does the company do a lot in a short time? So, for the past few months, Microsoft has put a lot of effort into promoting it through its various marketing and sales strategies, and some new features such as the customizable artificial intelligence feed that displays information as a news item and the widget program quite similar to 10 versions of it. These are some of the reasons behind its hype value and increase in sharing.

According to a latest report from AdDuplex, Windows 10 M21U (21H1) and Windows 10 O20U (20H2) versions are still leading, and the prices of these two market shares are at 28.6% and 26.3%. Also, the Windows 10 N21U (21H2) sits at 12.1%. Which goes to show that Windows 10 still works on a vast majority of PC devices, probably because users are waiting for a more stable, bug-free Windows 11 version before jumping on it.

The point of concern for the company is that Windows 11 is not suitable for older PCs as it does not offer upgrades for all devices as Windows 11 requirements are far beyond their capabilities, which creates quite a negative impact on consumers. , otherwise the usage of shares would have increased with a larger margin, but Microsoft will certainly do something about this important problem in the next few days.

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