This series of tiny prefab structures includes a house, a remote office and a sauna

My Cabin is a series of prefabricated structures like a small house, an independent office for remote work and even a sauna.

Girts Draugs found all the rest and relaxation he was looking for in tiny prefabricated houses. Increasingly popular due to stay-at-home orders, tiny houses have been around for a while, but only recently have taken off. Our collective need to return to nature has prompted many of us to find ways to stay there.

Designate: Girts Draugs for my cabin

While building a new home from the ground up or renovating an old, dilapidated home are certainly options for achieving this, Draugs found more promise and more convenience in the design of prefab homes. My Cabin, the collection of prefabricated structures from Draugs, includes three types of dwellings: a house, a sauna and a remote office.

My Milla, the company’s most popular prefab structure, is a small, two-story cabin finished in spruce wood that’s perfect for short breaks in nature to get away from the stresses of city life. The interior space of My Milla leaves enough room for a spacious living room, kitchen, bathroom and master bedroom. The cabin stands at 265 square feet with an upper floor that overlooks the living room and double-glazed plastic windows that run the full height of the first floor.

The second structure is called My Kalmus, which covers approximately 187 square feet and can be used as an office or a detached den. Inside, the structure maintains an open-plan layout with no frills or surprises except for built-in features such as vapor insulation. Finished in finely sawn spruce wood, My Kalmus also comes with tall double-glazed plastic windows to bring guests closer to the outdoors.

Finally, each prefab house requires at least one accessory building. Enter My Galia, the 110 square foot sauna structure. Inside, black alder wood planks finish the sauna to provide natural insulation while residents rest in the heated room.

Although each house has a distinct purpose, practical amenities like a cast iron stove, electric heater and patio are integrated into the My Milla and My Kalmus structures. Each stateroom is also customizable, allowing buyers to choose finishes, window locations, doors and furnishings for their home.

An outdoor fireplace provides ample heat inside and outside the cabin.

The sauna is paneled with black alder wood for natural insulation.

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