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There is an array of opportunities online that allow remote workers to earn six-figure wages without having to leave their homes. With cutting edge modern technology and constantly evolving platforms for performing remote tasks, it has never been easier or more cost effective to enter the world of remote working, which is why .uk has compiled a list of the top nine profitable jobs to start in 2022.

Freelance writer – average salary £ 45,000

When it comes to freelance employment opportunities, the earning possibilities are limitless and can often be paired with a part-time or full-time job for an added bonus to one’s monthly paycheck.

Freelance writers specifically tend to write guest articles for online or offline publications, websites, blogs, or corporate advertising material.

This particular role does not require any specific training, qualification or experience apart from a good command of English and a strong writing ability.

Virtual assistant – salary up to £ 48,750

A virtual assistant helps someone with administrative tasks like a personal assistant, except that everything is done remotely.

Being detail-oriented and having good communication skills are essential in this industry, as many virtual assistants will never meet their clients face to face.

The reward? People in this position could earn a salary of almost £ 50,000.

Audio transcript – average salary £ 30,271

Transcriptionists listen to audio or video files and type what is said in a very specific format depending on the style requirements of the business they are transcribing for.

Like self-employment, this job offers as little or as much work as you want, and being able to transcribe in more than one language can increase your earning potential.

Due to the variables regarding audio and video files, transcriptionists are typically paid up to £ 1 per audio minute, which means transcribing a 30 minute audio file is worth £ 30 quick and easy.

Investigator – up to £ 500

Being an investigator is generally not a full-time profession, but adding it to some part-time or full-time occupations can generate profitable additional income.

Survey websites like Survey Spotter and apps like Curious Cat only require a few minutes of your time to complete a survey on a variety of topics.


By giving businesses valuable insight into their customer demographics, respondents are paid up to £ 10 per survey and typically do not need any qualifications, training or experience.

Virtual tech support – average salary £ 29,990

For those with experience or knowledge of software and hardware products, acting as a virtual technical support can be incredibly lucrative as long as their communication and problem-solving skills are up to par.

Virtual tech support assistants require good technological hardware such as a powerful broadband and a decent computer or laptop.

Online customer service – estimated revenue of £ 23,158

With the recent boom in online shopping and sales, online customer service roles have also grown in popularity.

The majority of this role involves phone calls providing advice and guidance on behalf of the company or its clients if they decide to freelance in this role.

This role requires a certain flexibility of time for the company to ensure that it offers its customers and clients the best possible service.

Ironing service – estimated salary £ 23,040

Simple household chores are often given up at the very last minute by people who either don’t enjoy them or simply don’t have enough time to do them.

Starting a home ironing business or similar domestic business allows customers to bring and collect their items right at their doorstep.

Ironing can earn up to £ 12 an hour and as a start-up they can decide how many clients and jobs they want to take on at any given time.

ESL teacher – salary up to £ 25,000

Many English speakers don’t realize how profitable their native language can be, and becoming a virtual ESL teacher is one of the best ways to seize this opportunity.

Teachers will usually need to have a degree and be certified by training qualifications such as TEFL to ensure they know how to best teach a second language.

Travel agent – average salary of £ 32,000

If one finds oneself particularly good at finding and planning the best vacations, especially on a limited budget, this can easily be turned into a lucrative income by becoming a remote travel agent.

Usually working for a hospitality agency, travel agents should have good communication skills and be incredibly reliable, experience in the tourism industry is also a plus.

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