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This company has been featured in major outlets of NBC, US TODAY, FOX News and Google News for its achievements.

Miracles happen when someone works hard for them.

-Haroon Usman

JHELUM, PUNJAB, PAKISTAN, Feb. 16, 2022 / — Standing out from the crowd in the highly competitive e-commerce industry is a struggle, especially for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) without an established operational framework and a qualified e-commerce team. AMZ DOC Inc., an award-winning e-commerce marketing agency based in Pakistan, provides a solution with its experienced virtual assistants. AMZ DOC WITH over 70 team members, each member is an electronic market leader with extensive training and experience helping businesses navigate complex marketing processes.

With AMZ DOC’s dedicated support, SMBs have increased their market traction, established their brand on the web, increased their profitability and taken their business to the next level. Haroon Usman, AMZ DOC Director has this story to share.

The primary goal of AMZ DOC is to provide the most cost effective and fastest methods to optimize and scale organizations to their maximum operational capabilities. It streamlines complex processes, allowing business owners and executives to focus on their specialized tasks. Since its inception, AMZ-DOC has helped companies achieve their goals with a 99% success rate. Last year alone, he helped more than 500 SMEs take advantage of growth opportunities to improve their visibility and scale.

“We exist to make your vision a reality. A marketing partner should understand a client’s business, industry best practices, and relevant case studies highlighting success. AMZ DOC provides free consultation. – Haroon Usman, director.

AMZ-DOC follows a 5-step work process – audit, research, action plan creation, strategy integration and implementation. He puts the client’s unique needs and goals at the forefront of his services to create a bespoke blueprint of strategies and solutions to challenges that hinder development.

The company’s end-to-end services include everything from product research and sourcing, product launch and subsequent commercialization. AMZ DOC specializes in Amazon PPC management, Amazon account management, registration account creation, graphic design, advertisements and inventory management. AMZ DOC also offers web development, SEO, and social media marketing services to build and grow their client’s brand.

The AMZ DOC team has a deep understanding of the client’s business, niche, emerging trends, and industry best practices. It provides targeted solutions for SMBs with accounts on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, WordPress, Shopify, Etsy, and Make.

As a highly regarded marketing agency, AMZ-DOC has received multiple awards for its commitment to quality service and inventive approaches to e-commerce. Just recently, it was named the Most Customer-Focused Virtual Assistant Service Provider in Pakistan through Corporate Vision’s MarTech Awards 2022.

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