The coding language for $100,000 jobs with no real experience

If you’re trying to get a job as a crypto developer, knowing how to code in Rust will come in handy. You might not even know how to code in Rust very well.

A systematic hedge fund in London is currently offering a position on eFinancialCareers for a Rust developer with no specific Rust experience. All it takes is “a strong interest in using Rust”. The developer in question will then build a trading platform from scratch.

We’ve been reporting the shortage of Rust developers for some time. Rust can be used to write smart contracts and has been enthusiastically embraced by the crypto community. “It has all the speed of C++, but it’s much safer to use,” says Jim Greco, the New York-based crypto trader who just left Steve Cohen-backed Radkl to found his own fund. Security is especially important in the realm of cryptography, when it comes to encryption and irreversible transactions, adds Greco. “Rust is also Solana’s native language which has attracted a lot of money and attention among the developer community,” he points out.

Rust is unquestionably a popular language to use. It consistently ranks as the most popular language in the Stack Overflow developer survey and is easier to learn than C++. Greco confirms that Rust developers are in high demand in the crypto industry. The only problem is that there are very few of them, and there are even fewer who know the language very well.

This Rust talent shortage is highlighted in the new Rust developer survey, completed by 9,354 respondents. This revealed that while 75% of Rust users said they could write production-ready code, only 7% said they were a Rust expert, and only 40% said they were productive when programming in the language. 17% said writing Rust code was a “struggle” although they could do it, and 24% said they could only write simple Rust programs.

The upshot is that companies hiring Rust developers need to be flexible. At this point, very few people are really good Rust programmers; most people just get confused. For now, recruiters are ready to make concessions. This may not always be the case.

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