The casting of Marvel’s scariest villain was a complete fluke

By Joshua Jones | Posted

FX’s Marvel Series Legion may have been a hit in the eyes of fans of the source material, but it was a bit of a headache for some working on the series. Speaking to Deadline, department head Todd Masters and his aides spoke about the need for an actor with a particular build and stature for the special effects work on the FX series villain. The special effects team admitted that casting former comic book store employee Quinton Boisclair was a bit of a fluke.

The character – The Yellow-Eyed Devil – was something the special effects team had concepts for when producing Marvel’s Legion. After taking notes and sketching the character in Photoshop, it then came down to finding the perfect actor to match what the team was looking for. Fortunately, Quinton Boisclair was available.

Makeup artist Lori Sadness talked about having to sculpt Boisclair before having him sit for hours in the makeup chair. According to Tristesse, the team spent about four and a half hours with the actor. Before appearing on Marvel LegionBoisclair had no experience with this type of project which required heavy special effects and makeup.

Todd Masters said the team “loved [Boisclair] for his body. He had the type of physique the team was looking for. Tall, lean and muscular. marvel’s of the Legion Prosthetics designer Sarah Pickersgill revealed that Boisclair had been working at a comic book store when someone from production found out. They immediately noticed his lean and slender physique and found that was something they could work with. Pickersgill added that the special effects and makeup team are “always on the lookout” for someone with the type of physique Boisclair had because he could draw inspiration from it.

The yellow-eyed devil in Legion

The man who found Boisclair at the comic book store asked him if he “ever thought about doing creature costume work.” Pickersgill revealed that production manager James told Boisclair he was “all that [they’re] search in a model. After a few weeks, Boisclair was on the set of Marvel’s Legion.

Pickersgill added that production executives at Marvel’s Legion were “interested” in taking on someone with no experience in creature costume work. She noted that Boisclair “ended up being a natural on set”. Every time he was in front of a camera, he “came to life”.

Ironically, Boisclair was previously a huge comic book fan. Pickersgill mentioned how he “fed” information about his character since the team had no background knowledge about it. He and the special effects/makeup team talked about the character’s history in the comics while making sure he was ready to appear on Marvel. Legion.

The Yellow-Eyed Devil, otherwise known as the Shadow King, has become Marvel’s main antagonist. Legion. A demonic parasite seeking to take control of the main character’s body and ability to master realities, the character has made several appearances in the X-Men comics. Many fans have already watched the show called Shadow King, the scariest thing on TV.

Quinto Boisclair’s story of how he became the person under Marvel’s Legion’s scariest villain is one many could only dream of. The comic book nerd goes from selling his favorite comic books to starring in an actual superhero show.

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