The best multitasking furniture to make the most of your spaces


With all the time we’ve spent sheltering in place, working from home, or just keeping a low profile over the past year, our homes have never had to work harder and spaces that can serve more than their typical lens have never been more valuable. Dining rooms transforming into conference rooms for virtual meetings, lounges serving as training spaces, and kitchens serving as remote school and homework stations are now all in order. And we’re realizing more and more that it’s actually quite easy to use a space in a number of ways when it’s laid out with rooms that are adaptable, easy to move around, or designed for multitasking.

One of our main sources of furniture that can redefine a room is The front portal, the Cincinnati-based home goods retailer known for its high-quality interior and exterior accents. Click on the purchasable collection above and read more below to find out how our favorites from The front portal can make the most of your spaces.

When you want to be able to transform a room quickly, your best assets are rooms with adjustable shelves, sliding surfaces, or other flexible features. A spacious wardrobe with shelves for wine and glassware more a work surface hidden inside, for example, allows your bedroom to easily be an office during the day and a meeting place for happy hour at night. A glass cabinet for dishes and linen can serve as a bookcase and a desk with retractable surfaces each side can also serve as a vanity. Instead of choosing a basic pool table, why not give it a try the one that turns into a dining table? And one oversized woven basket is the ultimate multitasking – use it to store blankets, hide toys, or just bring warmth and texture to a stark corner.

Want more customizable and convertible options? Check out three other popular choices.

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