The best gifts for every mother-in-law

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What is the best gift for a mother-in-law?

A mother-in-law can be hard to buy, but that doesn’t mean all hope of finding the perfect gift is lost. There is no shortage of gift ideas for mothers, mothers-in-law and future mothers-in-law.

One gift in particular that stands out is the Vitruvi stone diffuser. It has a versatile design that complements any decor, and that’s just what it takes to add some coziness and serenity to its space.

Need some more gift recommendations for your in-laws this holiday season? Check out these gift guides:

What to know before buying a mother-in-law gift

Keep the recipient’s personality in mind when shopping. For example, if a person likes flowers, it is better not to order a bouquet of fresh flowers for his house.

It is also helpful to know if a person has any special needs before choosing a gift. If the mother-in-law trains regularly, a pair of compression workout leggings could be a suitable gift. If she has a home office and has complained about the uncomfortable office chair she’s stuck with, maybe a new one is in order.

Make sure to keep the recipient’s hobbies, preferences, and passions in mind when considering different products. Consider the person’s home and where a new gift might fit into the decor or available space.

The best gifts for a sentimental mother-in-law

Personalized Mother-in-Law Bracelet

This beautiful adjustable bracelet is the perfect size and thickness for any mother-in-law to wear on a daily basis. The number of charms can be personalized, as can the type of metal used. You can add personalized initials and there are several charms to choose from. Sold by Etsy

8 inch by 10 inch photo frame with poem

8 inch by 10 inch photo frame with poem

This 8 inch by 10 inch hardwood frame can hold a 5 inch by 7 inch photo and includes a heartfelt beautiful handwritten poem at the top of the frame. It includes the glass, frame, cream colored mat, verse and stand. Sold by Amazon

Custom Family Cameo Portrait

Customizable Personalized Family Cameo Portrait

This modern take on the classic Victorian cameo can be personalized with up to 18 faces and is made with acid-free mat, plexiglass, wire and BonanzaWood®. This decorative gift also includes a banner personalized with the last name and the date of its creation. Sold by Uncommon goods

Personalized Legacy Video Book

Personalized Heirloom Video Book

This little book only needs to be opened to play home videos or a photo slideshow. No setup or internet connection is required, and the video or slideshow will play up to an hour before the book needs to be recharged with the included USB cable. Sold by Uncommon goods

The best gifts for a mother-in-law who loves to relax

Book 365 days of art

Book 365 days of art

This little journal book helps readers connect with their emotions and nurture their creative side through art. The book includes an activity for each day of the year and is packed with mindfulness exercises like painting with bright primary colors, drawing anything in front of them and more.

Watercolor illustrations and supporting quotes spark thought through drawing and writing. Sold by Amazon

Vitruvi stone diffuser

The Vitruvian stone diffuser

This essential oil diffuser is in a class of its own. It also serves as an attractive decorative piece and uses ultrasound to diffuse scent oils over 500 square feet of space. Choose from three different colors to personalize this gift. Sold by Amazon

Terrarium candle

Terrarium candle

These hand-poured candles in a glass frame smell as beautiful as they look. The soy wax is scented with premium scent oils, and one candle contains three cacti while the other contains a delicate poppy. Scents include pine and vanilla for cacti, with jasmine and white tea for poppy. Sold separately by Uncommon goods

The best gifts for a mother-in-law who loves to cook

Black Harvest Indoor Hydroponic Herb Garden by AeroGarden

Black Harvest Indoor Hydroponic Herb Garden by AeroGarden

It’s a thoughtful gift that includes everything a mother-in-law needs to start growing fresh herbs. Parsley, thyme, dill, mint and two kinds of basil are included. It also comes with a patented plant food bottle and a control panel that reminds you to add plant food and water. Sold by Amazon

Bloody Mary condiment set

Bloody Mary condiment set

For every mother-in-law who loves Bloody Marys (and other drinks), the perfect condiment collection is here. Premium toppings and pickled condiments are included so that the special woman who receives this gift can prepare drinks at home. The collection includes carrots, cucumbers, dill beans and asparagus, all pickled within hours of picking to preserve flavor. Sold by Amazon

Handmade Stoneware Poppy Honey Jar

Handmade Stoneware Poppy Honey Jar

Red flowers and buzzing bees decorate this handmade ceramic honey pot that is dishwasher and microwave safe. It includes the honey dripper and should be hand washed to preserve the original hand painted art on each jar. Sold by Uncommon goods

The best gifts for a stepmom who likes to get glamorous

Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Handbag Spray Trio

Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Handbag Spray Trio

This three-piece set includes handbag-sized sprays of Donna Karan’s charming Cashmere Mist fragrance. The main notes are lily of the valley, sandalwood and jasmine. Sold by Ulta Beauty

Freida & Joe Fresh Cucumber Melon spa gift

Freida & Joe Fresh Cucumber Melon spa set

One of the best spa gift sets available online, this Freida & Joe Fresh Cucumber Melon Spa Gift Set will inspire every recipient to unwind after a long day. This gift set is absolutely gorgeous and includes shower gel, bubble bath, scented aromatherapy candle, potpourri in an organizer bag, back loofah, wooden massage comb and reflexology stick in drink. Sold by Bed bath and beyond

Four Seasons Tree of Renewal Necklace

Four Seasons Tree of Renewal Necklace

Mounted on 18-inch-long silver chains, these handmade tree-shaped pendants each represent one of the four seasons. The necklaces are made from recycled glass and silver, and each pendant features a different assortment of “leaves.” Sold individually by Uncommon goods

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