The 10 Best AI Software Stocks to Buy and Hold in 2022 and Beyond

by arti

February 18, 2022

With the changing business landscape, AI software stocks play a crucial role in all verticals

Businesses use artificial intelligence in two main ways. Many technology companies are using artificial intelligence, machine learning and analytics to make their existing operations more powerful through high-level applications including robotics, self-driving cars and virtual assistants. According to reports, the global artificial intelligence market is on track to reach over $554 billion in total revenue by 2024. Countless companies stand to benefit from AI, but a handful of companies have business models specifically focused on automation. This article introduces top 10 AI software stocks that provide unique and advanced AI algorithms at fast speed and more reliable solutions at competitive rates.

Kelton Technology

Current price: $90.85

Market cap: US$8.771 billion

Kellton Tech Solutions is an information technology and outsourcing company based in Hyderabad with locations in the United States and Europe. Kellton Tech creates cutting-edge, targeted AI solutions to solve challenges that have traditionally required a lot of human intellect, ranging from machine learning to deep learning.

The happiest minds

Current Price: $1,040.00

Market capitalization: 152.767 billion US dollars

Happiest Minds To help organizations deliver immersive customer experiences and outperform the competition, combine augmented intelligence with natural language processing, image analytics, video analytics, and upcoming technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality at Happiest Minds. Happiest Minds imagines and develops the next generation of intelligent systems capable of thinking, learning, creating and making decisions in the same way as humans. It’s one of the best AI software stocks to buy and hold in 2022.

Current price: $22.34

Market capitalization: 2.347 billion US dollars is a SaaS company whose software enables enterprises to deploy large AI applications. The company’s tools help customers accelerate software development and reduce cost and risk, and they have a wide variety of applications. For example, the US Air Force uses C3 AI Readiness to predict aircraft system failures, identify spare parts, and find new ways to increase mission capability.


Current price: $58.78

Market cap: US$3.976 billion

Alteryz is a provider of data analytics software that empowers data workers to solve problems with a wide range of analytics and data science tools. Its Alteryx Intelligence suite, one of many products, offers machine learning capabilities, including automated modeling and natural language processing to build models. It’s one of the best AI software stocks to buy and hold in 2022.


Current price: $115.00

Market cap: US$22.756 billion

DocuSign is an AI-based leader in digital signature software, has made significant breakthroughs in machine learning in recent years. In 2020, the company acquired Seal Software, an enterprise contract analytics company that uses machine learning to organize and identify risks and opportunities in contracts. For years, DocuSign has developed machine learning tools such as DocuSign Insight to facilitate contract analysis through natural language processing.

Applied materials

Current price: $136.47

Market Cap: US$121.184 billion

Applied Materials, Inc. provides manufacturing equipment, services and software to the semiconductor, display and related industries. It operates through three segments: Semiconductor Systems, Global Applied Services and Display and Adjacent Markets. The Semiconductor Systems segment develops, manufactures and sells various manufacturing equipment used to manufacture semiconductor chips or integrated circuits. It’s one of the best AI software stocks to buy and hold in 2022.

Zoom Info Technologies

Current price: $53.30

Market capitalization: 22.682 billion US dollars

ZoomInfo Technologies Inc., through its subsidiaries, provides a go-to-market intelligence and engagement platform for sales and marketing teams in the United States and internationally. The company’s cloud-based platform provides organizational and professional insights to help users identify target customers and decision makers, gain continuously updated predictive leads, and more.

Accenture plc

Current price: $322.91

Market Cap: US$204.079 billion

Accenture plc, a professional services firm, provides strategy and consulting, interactive, technology and operational services worldwide. The Company offers application services, including agile transformation, DevOps, application modernization, enterprise architecture, software and quality engineering, data management, intelligent automation includes robotic process automation, natural language processing, etc. It’s one of the best AI software stocks to buy and hold in 2022.


Current price: $239.25

Market Cap: US$15.102 billion

NICE is a leading provider of software applications that manage call center operations and customer interactions. NICE’s artificial intelligence and machine learning technology also streamlines fraud detection and regulatory compliance. The company’s AI helps companies categorize and analyze voice communications, leveraging the power of data analytics to improve business interactions with contact center teams.

Epam systems

Current price: $440.99

Market cap: $25,013

EPAM Systems, Inc. provides digital platform engineering and software development services in North America, Europe, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Georgia, East Asia , Southeast Asia and Australia. The company offers engineering services, including requirements analysis and platform selection, customization, cross-platform migration, implementation and integration. It’s one of the best AI software stocks to buy and hold in 2022.

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