Suspect Starts Own ‘Help Yourself’ Theft Business in Lowes


Kennewick Police and other authorities are diligently seeking to identify and locate this guy, he is charged with several major thefts of materials at both Kennewick and Pasco Lowe.

Apparently, over the past few weeks, he has managed to cope with significant amounts of product without paying. The police did not say specifically what he had taken, but it was said to run into the thousands of dollars.

Maybe he’s trying to finish a major project, or maybe, just thinking here, could he sell the stolen goods to make some money. Anyway, he got away a lot. Kennewick Police also said he intentionally covered up his license plates. It’s the little blue square you see on the bumper in the photo.

The suspect concealed his license plate (KPD)

Authorities may be hoping he will “forget” to remove the coating, he will stand out in traffic, and covering a plaque is prohibited by law.

Kennewick Police also say he will be charged with several crimes. They exposed what constitutes a crime. Based on these dollar amounts, this is why some shoplifters end up with a felony instead of a mere misdemeanor.

From KPD:

“… A person is guilty of organized retail theft if he:

(c) Commits theft of goods of a cumulative value of at least seven hundred and fifty dollars from one or more commercial establishments within a period of not more than one hundred and eighty days;

(3) A person is guilty of organized retail theft in the second degree if the property stolen or possessed has a value of at least seven hundred and fifty dollars but less than five thousand dollars. Second degree retail organized theft is a Class C crime. “

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