Sonos acquires RHA Audio: are headphones coming soon?


(Pocket-lint) – Sonos is rumored to be working on a pair of headphones or earphones, and newly emerged evidence only adds to this conspiracy.

The company has reportedly taken a controlling stake in UK headphone maker RHA Audio, according to documents from Companies House (as Forbes first noticed). If you read between the lines, maybe Sonos wants to use RHA and its audio technology to produce new headphones.

The Glasgow-based company makes headphones like the TrueConnect and TrueConnect 2. It is particularly known for in-ear headphones, not the behind-the-ear. It should be noted that RHA Audio completely changed its name to Origin North last year, as noted by Trusted Reviews.

Whatever form factor they take, most believe that Sonos headphones will likely offer voice assistant control. Bloomberg even believes the headphones will work with multiple virtual assistants, like the Sonos One. They’ll also likely sport a volume slider, playback controls, and a mic for voice calls.

A May 2021 USPTO patent filing suggested that Sonos was also considering slightly unconventional designs and new charging approaches. Hopefully Sonos will reveal more about the next headphones soon. Pocket-lint has contacted the company for comment.

We will notify you if more details are revealed.

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