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Pitt’s Office of Parking, Transportation and Services has reversed phased annual rate increases that had been proposed for the next fiscal year and will institute previously planned shared parking permits and fixed-day parking permits this summer.

The University will also begin using license plate recognition tools to identify authorized vehicles in lots and spaces.

Shared parking permit: Current permit holders can upgrade their permit to a shared parking permit for use by two or three people in an assigned parking spot. Each shared permit can only be used by one person per day, in their designated parking space. This means that if more than one person with a shared permit parks on campus on the same day, the second person must park in a garage or daily lot and pay out of pocket. The cost of the shared license will be divided equally between the people sharing it. Current permit holders will need to identify and confirm faculty or staff who are authorized to share their permit.

Fixed day parking permit: Current permit holders can upgrade their permit to a Fixed Day Parking Permit, which allows parking for only two to three designated days in the permit holder’s assigned garage or lot each week. The choice of days and the designated vehicle cannot be changed from week to week.

Information on how to request these options will be sent to current parking permit holders, allowing them to change their permit type, as well as those on the waiting list to update their preferences, next month.

“These additional options will provide greater permit flexibility, reduce parking costs for those with flexible work hours, and accommodate more people looking for on-campus parking,” said Kevin Sheehy, vice-president. Deputy Chancellor for Auxiliary Operations and Finance.

Pitt currently has no plans to open or close additional garages or parking lots, although the number of spaces may be adjusted to accommodate construction projects, Sheehy said.

The University is also developing a park-and-ride program that will be piloted later this year.

“Locations are being reviewed in areas not currently serviced by the Port Authority,” Sheehy said. “We are also evaluating shuttle routes and ridership from the past year to optimize shuttle plans for the upcoming academic year, in addition to helping members of the Pitt community transition to POGOH, Pittsburgh’s bike-sharing system, for free, unlimited 30-minute rides. ”

Parking updates are available on the Pitt’s Mobility website; you can also email [email protected] for assistance.

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