SecureAuth, Echoworx and Avatier Add Passwordless Biometrics for Email and Office Tools


SecureAuth has added several new authentication tools and features to its platform to help organizations adapt to the challenges of digital customer engagement first. New tools include multi-factor authentication (MFA) with biometrics via SecureAuth Endpoint and the WebAuthn protocol.

The latest version of SecureAuth includes an identity store, “Questionnaire-as-a-Factor” delivery, and a mobile SDK. The SecureAuth Identity Store is a repository of SaaS tools focused on privacy and developers. The company also introduced PIN code protection for FIDO2 WebAuthn compatible authentication keys, such as YubiKey 5 hardware keys for completely password-less MFA.

Yubico, meanwhile, has launched its YubiKey 5 FIPS series, which includes the YubiKey 5 NFC, YubiKey 5C NFC, and YubiKey 5Ci devices.

The release is intended to give US government agencies and businesses in heavily regulated industries a phishing-resistant authentication framework. Series 5 also includes support for WebAuthn and FIDO2 for password-less workflows.

FIPS YubiKey 5 Series is FIPS 140-2 Certified, Global Level 1 and 2, and Physical Security Level 3. It also meets Authenticator Assurance Level 3 (AAL3) defined in NIST SP800-63B.

The company also released hardware keys with fingerprint biometrics last year.

Echoworx secures emails with mobile device biometrics

Message encryption provider Echoworx introduced biometric authentication on its messaging platform to give businesses a way to quickly access encrypted communications, without using passwords.

The Echoworx Email Encryption platform now offers seven authentication options, with customizable encryption capabilities with eight secure email delivery methods, as advertised, and support for 27 languages.

The company notes that Gartner found that 60% of large companies plan to make 50% more of their business password-less by 2022.

“People trust their devices and mobile is the fastest growing channel to reach customers,” said Michael Ginsberg, CEO of Echoworx. “That’s why we decided to take advantage of biometric authentication, such as fingerprints and facial recognition already built into devices, to access encrypted messages. The future is to eliminate the need to manage and use passwords, and we believe biometrics is the obvious leader in achieving this goal. “

Echoworx’s addition of biometrics demonstrates its commitment to providing global businesses with a flexible platform, the company says.

Avatier launches passwordless biometric service for remote workers

Avatier upgraded its Facial Recognition Service to Identity Access Management (IAM) Service, Fingerprint Biometrics for Identity and Governance Administration (IGA) to support the work of n ‘ no matter where.

The upgrade is part of the Avatier Identity Anywhere 2021 Spring Edition SaaS, which includes a new universal user interface and single sign-on without password (SSO) and IGA for remote workers.

The Avatier Identity Anywhere framework uses Docker containers and can be deployed on platforms such as Chrome, Teams, Outlook, Slack, iOS, Android, and ServiceNow.

“Today’s workforce works remotely and identity authentication needs to follow them wherever they go and however they work. With our Identity Anywhere approach, IAM tracks the user to have secure access anywhere, anytime to improve productivity without compromising security, ”said Nelson Cicchitto, CEO of Avatier. “We’re reinventing identity management to modernize the workforce, giving users more secure control so they can work the way they want without adding overhead.

The momentum of password-less technologies was indicated by Hypr’s recent $ 35 million Series C funding round.

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