Schnucks lets associates choose their own stores and shifts

October 11, 2022

Mimicking work-on-demand, Schnucks has introduced a “Schnucks Flexforce” option at select St. Louis-area stores that allows associates to select both their preferred shifts and store locations.

Workers log into Schnucks’ scheduling app to view and claim open shifts as well as sign up to receive notifications when shifts become available.

“Like employees of ride-sharing and food delivery services, Flexforce teammates will be able to search and claim shifts when and where they choose,” said Laura Freeman, Schnucks Director of Human Resources. , in a press release. statement.

Flexforce represents a new classification of Schnucks hourly associates. The flexibility is designed to broaden the grocer’s pool of candidates in a tight labor market. Stacy Brandt, vice president of store operations at Schnucks, said Supermarket News, “It helps us stay relevant and flexible for the modern workforce.”

Flexforce gives workers the same perks and benefits as traditional Schnucks teammates. Existing associates can also take shifts on the app.

Even before the pandemic, retailers were increasingly giving associates the ability to swap teams and accommodate unfilled shifts through scheduling apps, but staffing shortages have prompted retailers to offer even more flexibility. last fall announced that workers in certain positions, ranging from warehouse to delivery, could cancel a shift “in as little as 16 hours” before he starts or can swap shifts at the last minute.

In September 2021, Target said its improved app supporting on-demand scheduling “has quickly become a popular option among team members who are full-time students, retirees, and those who want to work less frequently.”

A BNC News article from earlier this year revealed that Walmart, Meijer and Big Lots were supplementing their staff with gig workers.

Retailers increasingly have to compete with company workers who are offered the option to work from home.

As noted fast business and other sources, some of the disadvantages of generous flextime include disruption of workflow for staff from regular schedules, and managers spending an inordinate amount of money filling unsupported shifts. Charles Mitchell, co-founder of recruitment firm All About People, said fast business, “Understaffing can lead to costly service disruptions and disappoint otherwise loyal customers.”

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: What do you think of Schnucks Flexforce and the possibility of bringing more on-demand work options to retail surfaces? How confident are you that the benefits to stores of flexible scheduling outweigh the disadvantages?


“What do you think of Schnucks Flexforce and the potential to bring more on-demand work options to retail floors?”


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