Reward and Benefits – PortSwigger

Reward and Benefits – PortSwigger

When it comes to our reward philosophy, we take a different view of rewarding people than almost any other company. We strongly believe in paying people what they are worth to us, not just what we can afford or what they might earn elsewhere. We think that’s the right way to treat people. And, in the long run, it’s also good for the business.

Financial rewards

We pay excellent salaries above the normal market level. We do not have a fixed salary band for any position. Instead, the reward is still determined based on the individual’s ability and contribution. Our goal is to hire the best people and we expect to pay accordingly.

We offer stock options to all of our employees. This gives everyone a long-term stake in the value we build together. It turns everyone into an owner and drives the kind of long-term collective behavior that makes us successful. Stock options are normally granted annually, beginning at one year of employment.

Advantages and Benefits

The perks and benefits we offer are driven by our passion to nurture our culture as we grow. Each is intended to help us recognize how much we value our employees and provide the best work experience in the Northwest.

Financial security designed to recognize your true worth

  • Excellent salaries above market level.
  • 8% employer pension contribution.
  • Life insurance: 4x salary.
  • Income protection: full salary for the first 6 months of incapacity followed by 75% of salary plus pension contribution.
  • Relocation assistance packages.

Work experience that really raises the bar for quality

  • A wide variety of complimentary hot and cold breakfast options prepared by our team of in-house chefs.
  • On-site gym with trainer-led group classes, including yoga, karate, and sound bath. Towel service, showers and drying area also available for your convenience.
  • Complimentary food and drinks all day, including chef-fresh treats and barista-style coffee.
  • A helping hand with your transportation needs, including a daily shuttle service to the train station, an eco-friendly rental car program, a bike-to-work program, and bike storage.

Growth opportunities in areas that interest you

  • Opportunities to add to your skills and knowledge by collaborating on a variety of challenging and rewarding projects.
  • Frequent feedback and development discussions with your performance coach.
  • Buy any book policy.
  • Structured graduate development programs offering one-on-one coaching and mentoring by experienced developers, exposure to a variety of software development teams through job rotation, and soft skills training.
  • Life and career coaching provided by qualified professionals.

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