ReturnSafe Expands Innovative Back-to-Office Offerings to Solve the Biggest Challenges in Today’s Workplace


DALLAS and AUSTIN, June 15, 2022 — ReturnSafe, the high-growth, pandemic-born technology company helping large organizations provide healthy workplaces for employees and minimize business disruption, announced today today expanding its platform to include the future of work solutions. ReturnSafe is rolling out its Hybrid Experience Platform, a first-of-its-kind tool and resource for managers, HR leaders, and employees to enable a future-ready workforce, including features for support hybrid work models, flexible hours, employee engagement and healthier workplaces.

ReturnSafe’s investment to expand its solution comes as more companies focus on finding effective and creative solutions to improve employee retention, compete for top talent, and optimize engagement and performance. of the work force. The hybrid work model is at the forefront of transforming the future of work, providing employees with flexibility to work in the office and remotely.

According to Gartner®, hybrid working changes the way employees perceive company culture. Hybrid or remote workers are spending 65% less time in offices than before the COVID-19 pandemic and meeting with their teams in person two days less per week. By developing a seamless, personalized approach using ReturnSafe’s proprietary Hybrid Work Playbook, HR managers and business leaders can clearly define and measure their hybrid work experience and deliver a sense of connectedness while maintaining flexibility for their employees.

The hybrid experience platform will include:

  • Flexible work options: Easily define and communicate with individualized teams which hybrid options work within organizational policies and programs.
  • Socializing Office Visits: Coordinate and share onsite work plans with colleagues to optimize time spent in the office for in-person collaboration and socializing.
  • Coaching and Mentoring: Identify and connect potential mentors and mentees.
  • Well being at work : Provide employees with the information they need to make informed decisions about workplace safety protocol.
  • Minimize business interruptions: Respond quickly to potential virus outbreaks and minimize business impact with the HR Command Center.
  • Crisis communication : Send alerts to relevant employees based on their location and status.
  • Hybrid work analyzes and objectives: Get real-time insights and data on the success of hybrid work programs and make adjustments quickly as things change to create a dynamic, high-performing, and healthy workplace.

“We are entering a new chapter of work for the global economy, and companies that put people first to embrace flexibility in the workplace, maintain employee engagement and prioritize employee well-being will outperform those that don’t,” said Jikku Venkat, co-founder and CEO. ReturnSafe agent. “Our company has been on a mission for the past two years to help businesses quickly adapt to change and stay resilient through health and safety solutions. As we look to the future of work, we We’re excited about the possibilities for a happier, healthier and more successful workforce than ever before, while enabling companies to become in-demand places to work for decades to come.

“As a global company with 6,000 employees, meeting the needs of today’s changing workforce is critical for our organization,” said Scott Oblow, Director of Human Resources at Kroll. “ReturnSafe has been a valuable partner to us in helping to keep our workforce healthy and safe, compliant and ahead of workplace trends and best practices. We are excited to see how ReturnSafe is expanding its capabilities to help meet the new challenges of the future of work within our organization.

Since launching the company in May 2020, ReturnSafe has developed trusted workplace tools and resources to help employers navigate the complexities of the evolving COVID-19 virus and evolving guidelines. public health – from employee contact tracing and viral testing to vaccine management. ReturnSafe’s platform has grown to protect employees of 150 employers on six continents. The company also raised $5 million in funding, grew to a team of 40, and recruited world-renowned health scientists and workforce experts to its advisory board.

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ReturnSafe is on a mission to help companies create vibrant and healthy workplaces for all employees, wherever they want to work. The hybrid experience platform is reinventing the future of work by prioritizing employee flexibility, improved employee engagement, and well-being. ReturnSafe was founded at the very beginning of the pandemic, providing customers with best-in-class tools and resources to protect employees from COVID-19 and minimize business disruption. Backed by Fifty Years, Active Capital and Converge, ReturnSafe is an all-remote company of 40 people, with its founding team based in Dallas and Austin. Visit to learn more.

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