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Radenta Technologies Inc., one of the nation’s leading IT solutions integrators, is pioneering the Smart Office concept with its hyperconnectivity offering for government offices.

The Radenta G series includes GRIPS or Government Integrated Resource Planning System, GEARS or Government Emergency Response and Assistance System, and GRIDS or Government Intelligent Reconnaissance and Defense System.

The Radenta G Series offers consolidated security options for vulnerability management, threat flow, forensic analysis, malware scanning, and more, enabling strong security decisions with intelligence-based analytics. ‘intelligence.

A smart office enables an effective and efficient remote working environment since all necessary data is available at the click of a button, saving time, money and energy. The collection and dissemination of information is transparent, regardless of the number of people and places involved.

Radenta GRIPS is an ERP system that manages the functional aspects of government. It is a fully customizable, comprehensive and scalable resource planning system, developed and integrated specifically with the Philippine government process framework in mind.

GRIPS runs on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management. Modules include Budget, Procurement, Inventory, Fixed Assets, Project Tracking, Accounting, HRIS and Payroll. It can be deployed on-premises, hybrid or full cloud.

GRIPS adheres to the rules, regulations and guidelines mandated by the Department of Budget and Management, the Public Procurement Policy Board or GPPB, the Audit Commission and the Civil Service Commission. GRIPS takes into account the particularities of government processes and reports to enable government employees to do their jobs effectively.

Radenta GRIPS is an ERP system that manages the functional aspects of government

GEARS stands for Government Emergency Assistance and Response System. It is an emergency management and coordination system. It is a knowledge process outsourcing solution that serves as an emergency response to deliver professional services through 24/7 contact management and reactive work order management planned via several modes of communication.

GEARS has four knowledge-intensive units: finance and accounting, business administration service, financial planning to include para-planning and administration services, and remote computer network management services.

The third in the G series is GRIDS. It stands for Government Reconnaissance and Intelligent Defense System. It is a complete information security solution including a managed security operations center, infrastructure protection, intelligence and analytics, and security control management. Your organization can benefit from using the most advanced SIEM technology without the cost and complexity of owning and administering a SIEM system.

GRIDS establishes a compliance foundation that leads to informed compliance efforts to successfully implement industry standards such as Sarbanes Oxley or Payment Card Industry Compliance and SLA-governed deliverables to ensure full transparency and quality.

The Radenta G Series offers what no one else can. Consolidated security options for vulnerability management, threat feed, forensic analysis, malware scanning, and more, enable strong security decisions with intelligence-based analytics. Scalable log management system streamlines and optimizes log filing across devices and locations.

The recent Asenso Pilipinas 2022, Microsoft Philippines’ 5th Annual Public Sector Summit, recognized how the Radenta G Series could create hyperconnected government.

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