PROPAIN moves its US office to Vancouver, Washington, hires Victor Sandrin as Executive Vice President


Over the past year, PROPAIN Bicycles has developed its premium brand directly aimed at consumers in the US market with great interest and success. In order to meet the high demand and increase its reach in the huge US market, PROPAIN moved its US office and operations to Vancouver, Washington.

From there, they’ll set up the production assembly line and ship the bikes to the United States, with long-term goals of shipping to Canada and Mexico as well. With the new office and production located in the US, PROPAIN will be able to serve the US market faster and have all of their bikes available and customizable as they will be in Germany in the future.

With this decision, PROPAIN hired industry veteran Victor Sandrin as Executive Vice President to complete the setup of the sales office, production line and brand preparation for events to present the bikes to consumers. Americans.

“I have been really impressed with how PROPAIN bikes have evolved over the past couple of years, they really hit my radar in a big way when they started selling in the US last year and signing Remy Metallier. The bikes look great, the suspension works extremely well, and the company has a great vibe, they all ride and have a passion to make the best bikes. ” said Sandrine.
“I have had the experience of introducing a European brand to the US market and am very happy to help take PROPAIN to the next level here in the US. After visiting the German headquarters in June and seeing the operations, I am really impressed with the organization and the vision of the brand. It will be fun to introduce this great brand to the North American market.

“With the new PROPAIN Bicycles USA entity, we will be able to offer the same level of exceptional customer service as in Europe. We are very happy to have Victor on board as he shares the same philosophy that PROPAIN represents and we are sure have found the right fit to represent the brand and help grow the organization in a very successful way in North America. ”- Volker Knaus, Global Sales / Customer Service Director

Even with some of the temporary challenges facing the bicycle industry supply, PROPAIN is moving forward with a long-term investment in the North American market. He sees the US and Canadian markets as critical to his growth plan and making their bikes available to anyone who wants a beautiful, high-end German-designed mountain bike at a great price. PROPAIN plans to attend demo events from 2021 and will also be at Sea Otter in October as the first major US event to showcase the brand.

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