Need a reset? This spa, wellness and fitness center could be just the thing

If the past two years have taught us nothing else, it has reinforced the importance of our health and made it a top priority.

Rancho La Puerto, a wellness resort and spa, is one of those places where people can put their health, wellness and fitness goals first and focus exclusively on their own. mind, body and spirit connection. The 4,000 private acres of gardens, mountains and meadows offer many options for rejuvenation and mindful practices.

The destination spa has been around for over 80 years and has a very high attendance rate.

Located at the junction of the Laguna and Sierra Juarez mountain ranges, Rancho La Puerta is located 4 miles from Tecate, Baja California and less than an hour and a half drive from downtown San Diego.

The resort offers all-inclusive three-, four-, and seven-day stays. Those short on time will find the three- and four-day options a great way to jump-start their fitness and wellness goals. While those who can take full advantage of the full seven-day program will find it a great way to rewire mind, body and spirit into a healthy and positive approach.

The all-inclusive rate includes accommodations, fitness classes, hikes and activities, meals, activities, and special presentations. Spa treatments, personal training sessions, and cooking classes at the Ranch’s La Cocina Que Canta Cooking School are available for an additional fee.

Single programming

While The Ranch offers an extensive menu of activities, it also offers unique programming, including its weekly Silent Dinner, a meditative meal accompanied by uplifting music. Another unique option is the sound bath in which crystal bowls are played while a person enjoys a hot bath.

Two of the Ranch’s toughest adventure programs include the Road Runner Trail Run, an 8-mile plain trail that winds through grasslands and is usually ridden at a racing pace. The Seven-Mile Mountain Breakfast Hike is a strenuous three to four hour hike that takes hikers seven miles over steep and rugged mountain terrain, and allows for a scenic breakfast stop halfway.

Additionally, The Ranch offers a Ropes Gone Wild fitness class that provides a high-intensity, low-impact, full-body workout experience.

What’s new

There are several new elements at the Ranch, including the new Luna Connections Villas. Over the property’s 82-year history, it has always valued connection to self, others, and nature and prided itself on being a place of digital detox. Covid has changed the way people work, play and connect, so in response The Ranch has added Luna Connections, high-speed internet access to Villas Luna, so people have the ability to connect, zoom and broadcast in the privacy of their rooms.

Another new offering is the 21-day Perfect Balance sabbatical program. This is a retreat on work-life balance. Program participants will focus on their health by recharging with fitness classes, spa treatments and workshops, while staying digitally connected to maintain a flexible work-life balance. The program includes private accommodation at Villa Cielo with in-room Wi-Fi; spa treatments; private wellness and fitness consultations; Cooking classes; and access to Ranch programming, including yoga, meditation, and nutrition classes.

The Ranch has also launched its own skin care line La Puerta Core Essentials offering a variety of organic skin, bath and body products. The range blends eco-certified ingredients and sustainably harvested plants and herbs. Products include antioxidant cream masks and herbal exfoliants. The Sun Restore line and a Xocolatl chocolate collection focus on hydrating and repairing the skin.

Aerial Yoga has been added to the Ranch’s list of activities. This class focuses on hip stretches and restorative yoga movements, all performed in a silk hammock suspended in the air. Ranch has also added new programs including water related classes like Aqua Board, Deep Water Training, H20 Boot Camp, Feel Comfortable In The Pool, Shallow Water Workout, Swim Conditioning, Swim Clinic, Water Jogging, Water Polo On The Noodle and Water. Volleyball. In addition, pickleball has been added and lessons are offered for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. Another new addition is rebound programming – these classes focus on core strength and improve coordination while bouncing on a trampoline while putting less strain on the joints.

And after

Rancho La Puerta has announced plans for The Residences, a private, wellness-focused village nestled next to a vineyard with stunning views of Mount Muchumaa – essentially both connected to, but separate from, The Ranch. A landscape of Mediterranean inspiration, the vast gardens and pedestrian paths will connect the village and the vineyard to the surrounding mountains and canyons. Owners will have access to year-round amenities and concierge services.

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