Monday Letters: Search for City Manager, Gun Development, Unemployment, Pro-Life Rally, etc.

Poor city governance

Residents of Glenwood Springs: Your city council is a misdirected, dysfunctional, rudderless mess. Unable to decide import issues, they spend your taxes and their time raising our utility bills by hundreds of dollars, not fixing the streets, not fighting uncontrolled growth, trying to raise our taxes and shut down our airport, trying to shove a West Glenwood development down its throat and placing question after question on the ballot that we have to throw out in costly and unnecessary elections.

The latest debacle is the inability of this council to choose a new city manager, one of our most important responsibilities. After an exhaustive search, with dozens of applicants, a highly paid consultant, and hours and hours of interviews and meetings, this board rejected three qualified candidates. This was done in a very competitive job market, with no guarantee of better candidates. It’s short-sighted and irresponsible.

We had three acceptable candidates; now we have none and will have to spend thousands of dollars to find more candidates. The plan now? Raise a $210,000 salary even further with more bonuses, pay more than the former city manager was earning, hoping to attract someone new.

Faced with real issues — streets, infrastructure, the economy, jobs and uncontrollable growth — this ineffective council refuses to do the necessary work. Undirected and unmanaged, it prevaricates with nonsense, fails to solve real problems while simultaneously imposing absurd ideas and proposals on the people it claims to represent. It’s a real debacle.

Now, after spending $22,500 on a “headhunter,” this advice is going to spend $10,000 or more to do it again; money, as this advice often does, thrown away. It’s not governance; it is petulance. We have important work to do. But, like any elected body, we have limited time and resources. Spending that time and resources on nonsense without addressing the real issues facing GWS and solving them is not governing. It is negligence.

Tony HersheyMember of Glenwood Springs City Council

Eco-Friendly Opposed Rifle Housing

A petition with signatures was submitted to Rifle City Council on September 18. She explains why the signatories are against Eco Dwelling’s proposed housing development on West 16th Street and the upper animal shelter area. This beautiful open space is a green area, wildlife habitat and wetlands, which was verified by Perry Will on September 7, during a walk on site.

We want to know if there has been an environmental impact study conducted on schools, traffic or crime. What about the water resources and contributions of Colorado Parks and Wildlife on their section of this property? The more water used here, the less there is downstream. Where do you draw the line?

Rifle is about to lose our small town Western lifestyle that we are known for. We are becoming a mini Glenwood. As citizens of the Rifle area, we don’t want to experience the growing pains of Glenwood Springs. Their city is at a breaking point with excessive traffic, a shortage of affordable housing and a loss of quality of life.

A survey should be conducted by the city to ask citizens if a $250,000 to $300,000, 900 sq. ft. house, 10 feet from their neighbors, is affordable and desirable? Plus, being built in a high density neighborhood close to Railroad Avenue. The city approved the additional 60 new units of Kings Crown Trailer Parks and 62 of Upper Pioneer Mesa. Now Eco Dwelling wants 204 for a total of 326 new units.

If the City of Rifle can buy Goat Island next to Lion’s Park and the rest area, then they can buy that land from Eco Dwelling and preserve it for future generations to enjoy in its natural state.

Save this quaint little valley and remember that we are all on a one-way journey through life. If there is a good deed to be done, let it be done now.

Harold MartinezMusket

too many houses

As a resident of Rifle, I oppose the annexation of a high density home project on West 16th by Eco Dwelling – 58 units on top of the hill and 65 below. Each unit is only 900 square feet.

It is a wetland and a wildlife sanctuary. Do not bother him by introducing a “human infestation”. This ecosystem has been maintained for decades. It will force all life out and onto the streets to find refuge from destruction. Our community will be unbalanced!

The high school is at the top and there are three ways to enter the school; two are in this street. A study in April reported 10,317 cars over a seven-day period. The city council has been instructed to build a speed bump to slow down motorists. No action has been taken as the council cannot decide where the city and county boundaries are. Council declared this street west of Howard Avenue to be a county road. The Rifle Police are unable to enforce the speed limit as it is outside their jurisdiction. So, who will monitor this area? Without law enforcement, there will be anarchy, and who will pay for it? The rifle community.

The road will need to be upgraded to accommodate increased traffic. I ask that an impact study be done and that the results be communicated to the population. Include the number of trips within and outside the region. Are there any laws that are violated, such as how many people per square foot of living space is allowed? This area will be flooded with noise and vehicles, with no open space, decreasing the quality of life.

We are the last pioneers in this valley, and we will be swindled out of our public lands; our rights trampled on by a Florida company seeking to financially gain on our core values ​​passed down to us by our ancestors.

Our constitutional rights are protected and forged by our state union. There will be regrets once the realization of this annexation hits our humble and peaceful community. What are we going to give up for this uncontrolled growth? Consider the rights of neighbors, family and friends who live here, not an out-of-state corporation. Do not allow this project!

Dan KsiazekMusket

Lots of jobs

I saw the article that Garfield County has 928 people collecting unemployment. I can only assume it’s because they’re not actively looking for a job. Everywhere I go, businesses are understaffed and cutting services, opening hours, etc.

It is not just one aspect of the employment sector that is short of manpower. Food service, customer service, health care, administration — that’s everyone. Where I work, we have 31 vacancies, 17 of which require no experience; we are going to practice. And our starting minimum wage is $20 an hour.

With all the vacancies in the valley, why are there people collecting unemployment? If there is something I don’t see, please let me know.

Molli DeinesMusket

40 days for life returns

You are invited. On September 28, life takes center stage as we begin the second 40 Days for Life campaign in Glenwood Springs. The centerpiece of the campaign is a peaceful, non-political vigil on the public sidewalk outside the Planned Parenthood Clinic near the Glenwood Springs Mall. Please join us as we pray and advocate for the lives of innocent children as we did in the spring of 2022. We estimate that between 150 and 200 pro-lifers were on the sidewalk at least once in March and april.

What have they been through? A strong consensus for life, as supporters stopped to talk, pray and hold our signs. They brought us coffee, snacks and meals. They participated in in-depth discussions on the value and science of life. Ideas were exchanged and new friendships blossomed. Cheers, thumbs up and other expressions of support poured in from many passers-by.

Oh, we also heard from dissenters. But, their response to the vigil was quite different. Few pro-choice activists have stopped to discuss the issue. Of the handful that did, only two were interested in a civil discussion. Others have been stonewalling, using arguments that don’t match what modern science or the Bible says about the beginnings of life. When it was our turn to speak, they either moved away or spoke above us. The driving opposition appeared angry for the most part, simply shouting insults or displaying gestures of disapproval.

Judging by the 40 Day Spring Vigil and balancing supporters with dissenters, the Glenwood community favors life as a whole, by a factor of three or four to one! The campaign returns this fall to continue the discussion, welcoming everyone to the sidewalk in the spirit of love, peace and civility.

We know that unplanned pregnancies create challenges for those affected. In response, we provide access to prenatal and postnatal care, adoption support and financial resources. We respect everyone, even those who would make a choice different from ours. Please join the discussion as we seek to heal our community’s division on this issue.

Michel Kaddatzcampaign leader of Glenwood, Eagle

Rethinking the search for a city manager

My dad was the city manager of a town of 20,000 that also had a power utility (a great asset). Finding the right candidate for the position of city manager is neither that complex nor that difficult.

A CM should be just that: a manager of departments with a council and a mayor who guide (not political pressure). Most CMs quit because of stressful treatment from the board, not a lack of support from employees or the public. I don’t know the Glenwood Springs City Council so this shouldn’t be read as a negative. If the board can come together on the type of candidate to better serve the community with the maintenance and improvement of infrastructure, then this process should be successful in terms of performance and job satisfaction.

A 10 second search with my browser found the average CM salary around $150,000, $180,000 max depending on experience. Throwing money at the position will not attract the right candidates.

Look for someone who wants to be here (or is here) rather than a stepping stone to the next big city.

Dan MooreGlenwood Springs

Tyrannical property right

Our ancestors believed in “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.

We came to our vacant lot in unincorporated Eagle County (in the middle of nowhere and no HOA) to install a septic tank this summer in order to build a cabin next spring. Eagle County bureaucrats have informed us at gunpoint that you cannot have an RV or camp more than five days on your own property in Eagle County.

Wow, that’s new. When was this tyrannical law passed? Wasn’t that here ten years ago?

The Guardian recently reported that more than a quarter of American residents feel so estranged from their government that they think it may “soon be necessary to take up arms” against it.

Sandy and Lee MulcahyBasalt

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