Monday Cannon Fodder: silent mode


Are you a phone on silent? I’m not talking about silencing it when you’re in the office, or in a movie, or somewhere where a phone is making noises would be rude / inappropriate. I’m talking about people who have their phones on silent 100% of the time. Because if you are, I don’t like your phone lifestyle choices.

I try to be diligent to keep my phone ringing as much as possible because isn’t it the greatest use of having a phone? So that people can contact you? And yes, I understand and fully approve of wanting to pick times to be out of pocket and put the phone away. But that should be the exception, not the rule. This is changing with business phones – don’t get “on call” all the time. Take time for yourself. I am talking about personal phones.

I have meticulously organized the notifications that are pushed on my home / lock screen and have been even more ruthless about what I allow to sound to me. It gets a little annoying with all the robocalls I get, but not to the point where I feel it is necessary to only ring my phone for known numbers (but it’s something you can do, at made). Our phones (and all of our devices, really) are incredibly customizable and full of features and functions that some of us don’t even know exist. Look at them!

But also, turn on the ringer of your phone.

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