Majority of office workers believe vaccines should be mandatory for return to work after pandemic


NEW YORK, May 26, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Important research today from Haven Life reveals that a majority of office workers believe employees should be required to receive COVID-19 vaccines (53%) to return to work. Haven Life, a client-centric life insurance agency backed and 100% owned by Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual), conducted this national survey to better understand the quality of work and home life for office workers during the pandemic, as well as their perceptions of what office work should look like after the pandemic.

While the majority of respondents (56%) indicated that they do not fail to work at their desks, there were nuanced differences in how parents perceived their work and home life as well as their thoughts on the return to the office. Key information from the survey includes:

Parents with young children at home are more ready to return to the office: When asked about the desire to return to the office, parents with young children at home (aged 12 and under) are actually the most likely to want to return to the office (63%), compared to parents with older children. elderly (51%) and those without children (38%).

Parents were more likely to say the quality of their work had declined during the pandemicWhen asked about the overall quality of their work, 43% of parents with young children at home said the quality of their work had declined during the pandemic. Only 24% of people with older children or without children at home said the quality of their work had decreased.

Other survey results include:

  • Fifty-seven percent of respondents think office work will be different in the future: In terms of what office life might look like in the future, 43% of respondents said they expected it to come back to the same as before, while 57% thought the opposite : 49% said they expected more options for hybrid / flexible work. from home, and 8% said they did not expect to return to the office regularly.
  • The best aspects of working from home are saving time, money and the ability to set your own schedule: When asked what they liked most about working remotely, people chose not to have to travel most often (62%), then to have a more flexible schedule (38%), save more money (34%), spend more time with family (34%) and sleep (33%).
  • Workers miss certain aspects of office life: When asked what they miss most in office life, overall, respondents most often selected interaction with colleagues (73%), separation of work and life at at home (40%), having a dedicated space for work (31%) and the ability to concentrate and be productive (30%). Meanwhile, twenty-two percent of respondents said they missed their office snack.
  • Employees have great confidence that their employers will provide a safe environment: Eighty-three percent of respondents believe their employers are able to provide safe COVID protocols when they return to the office. Yet at the same time, most respondents believe vaccines should be mandatory before employees are allowed to return to work (53%). At the time of the survey, employees also said employers should require a mask to be worn (71%) this year.
  • The past year has taught office workers to better consider financial well-being: When asked about their financial considerations during the pandemic, having an emergency savings fund was the top financial concern (44%), followed by health insurance (37%), then life insurance (31%).

Overall, the survey results show that office workers generally expect changes in office life in the future, and that parents with young children are the most ready to return to work. and to experience a greater separation between their personal and professional life.

Survey methodology: Haven Life conducted a quantitative survey between April 19 – and April 22, 2021 and collected N = 818 complete responses. Respondents had to be between the ages of 22 and 60 and identify themselves as someone who worked in an office building before the pandemic. Fifty-five percent of the respondents were female (424) and 45% were male (370). Three percent of respondents did not specify their gender (24).

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