Logitech launches ‘super quiet’ mouse

It can be difficult to stay focused and productive when learning or working in a noisy environment. Unfortunately, annoying sounds can come from anywhere, but while some are unavoidable, there are some we can control. For example, you may not realize it, but your computer accessories may be contributing to background noise in your workspace. The click of your mouse, for example, could disturb your concentration, and could even disturb other people around you. A quick fix for this would be to switch to a silent mouse.

A must-have work tool for everyone, a quiet mouse helps minimize distractions by eliminating clicks. This is especially beneficial for those who work flexibly, such as parents who work from home while other family members sleep, as well as remote employees and contractors who take their mobile offices with them to cafes and other spaces. shared work.

Logitech’s Best Quiet Mice

Logitech has an impressive selection of quiet mice that meet a variety of needs. Let’s take a look at some of the brand’s best options, which you can get right now on the Logitech flagship store in Lazada and the Official Logitech Store at Shopee.

by Logitech M221 wireless mouse with silent clicks ensures less noise for more concentration. Clicking sounds are reduced by over 90% with this mouse, creating a quieter and more productive environment for you and those around you.

For more comfort and precision, choose the M331 Silent Plus Wireless Mouse. Equipped with Logitech’s SilentTouch technology, this mouse lets you feel every click but hear virtually nothing while you work.

the M590 Multi-Device Quiet Wireless Mouse is designed to be powerful, precise and silent. It’s equipped with five programmable buttons that give you extra control and comes equipped with multi-device streaming to increase productivity, quietly.

Improve your setup with the Signature M650 Wireless Mouse, for all-day comfort and productivity. This quiet mouse offers seamless wireless connectivity, customizable side buttons, and a streamlined shape that’s perfect for everyone, with a choice of sizes for smaller, larger, and left hands.

Eliminate distractions with the MK295 Quiet Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo from Logitech. This full-size keyboard and compact mouse pair delivers the same familiar typing and clicking feel of the world’s best-selling combo, all without the distracting noise.

Head to the Logitech flagship store in Lazada and the Official Logitech Store at Shopee today to check out these amazing mice that let you enjoy the sound of silence. Visit the Logitech website and official Facebook page to learn more.

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