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GAITHERSBURG, Md., April 26, 2021 / PRNewswire / – LKC Technologies is pleased to announce that the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (Anvisa) has approved the UTAS® apparatus, making it a significant advance in preserving and improving eyesight for patients Brazil. LKC Collaborates With Oculus Brasil To Provide Physicians With Wider Access To LKC’s UTAS And RET Systemassess devices. Both are widely used around the world in major clinics and doctor’s offices. UTAS has been cited in over 600 publications.

Current UTAS systems have been developed with the growing expertise and knowledge of over 45 years of experience. The first generation UTAS was introduced in 1976, and LKC’s goal since then has been to consistently deliver a system that exceeds limits, resulting in an exceptionally robust and user-friendly device. There are current publications using UTAS systems installed over 25 years ago, a testament to the quality and dedication of LKC. As Enrico Nitschke, Managing Partner and CEO of OCULUS Brazil, said:

“We are delighted now to have the chance to provide a high quality ERG device for the eye health of the Brazilian people. In collaboration with RETassess® ERG practitioners, researchers but also patients benefit from flexible and comprehensive electrophysiological tests for a more precise diagnosis of complex eye diseases. “

UTAS system provides fully ISCEV compliant flash and pattern ERG, flash and pattern VEP and EOG capabilities. Multifocal ERG / VEP and dark adaptometry are available as options. All protocols are fully customizable to meet your clinical and research needs. UTAS provides a complete system with an easy to use user interface that produces reliable results while being comfortable for the patient.


With 45 years in the industry, LKC is transforming the accessibility of electroretinography testing in any office or clinic. From the complete UTAS system to its remarkable portable RETassess® device, LKC is committed to helping the preservation and treatment of vision worldwide.

For more information on UTAS, RET systemsassess® device or detection strips, contact LKC at [email protected] or visit for more details.

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