Lack of flexibility could lead companies to lose top talent


Nine in ten workers want flexibility in their hours and work environment, according to a new study from EY.

This is not a surprise to companies, as many have already started to change their post-pandemic strategies to give employees more choice in how they work.

In fact, 54% of respondents said they were ready to quit their jobs if flexibility was not offered. This mindset led to the Great Resignation and a significant labor shortage, especially within the tech industry.

“As businesses create a more flexible cross-border workforce, they need full transparency of all employees, including permanent and external workers,” said Thomas Barlow, Head of the SAP Fieldglass Center of Excellence , Australia and New Zealand. “With comprehensive workforce data, businesses are better prepared to identify and deploy the right people with the right skills to support growth forecasts, or to pivot quickly in the event of unexpected disruptions like the pandemic. “

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Providing agility and skills development opportunities will be key to improving the employee experience, helping companies attract and retain top talent. Without these two essential offerings, organizations will fall far behind in the race for new talent.

The EY survey also showed that 82% of employees in Asia Pacific believed that working remotely would hurt their career opportunities. This means that while leaders offer flexible work options, they must lay the groundwork to ensure that all workers are treated equally.

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