Kiddom expands partnership with Kendall Hunt Publishing

SAN FRANCISCO — January 12, 2022Kiddom, the first all-in-one educational platform for high-quality digital curriculum, today announced the expansion of its partnership with Kendall Hunt Publishing. As a certified partner of the association OpenSciEd Beginning August 2021, Kendall Hunt will offer a customized version of OpenSciEd’s high-quality science education materials for colleges in a dynamic format through Kiddom’s comprehensive digital curriculum platform. This expansion follows Kiddom and Kendall Hunt’s successful partnership in February 2021 to provide the Illustrative Mathematics K-12 math curriculum for users interested in a more robust or digital-only experience.

“Working with Kendall Hunt over the past year has been a dream for Kiddom and we are excited to further strengthen our partnership with the integration of their custom OpenSciEd offering for middle school science,” said Abbas Manjee, co- Founder and Director of Studies. in Kiddom. “OpenSciEd’s commitment to flexibility and quality aligns directly with Kiddom’s core values ​​and we look forward to offering a dynamic and fully customizable version of OpenSciEd’s standards-aligned media on our platform. form of digital programs.”

Kiddom provides teachers and administrators with all the tools they need in one digital environment so they have a single, consistent place to seamlessly access high-quality content and personalized learning. With Kiddom, teachers no longer need to juggle multiple tools and can access over 70,000 additional high-quality, editable, and standards-aligned resources in an integrated content library. Its main features are aligned with the five key features of OpenSciEd educational materials, including:

Based on phenomena: Kiddom’s modular unit design makes it easy for teachers to center lessons around OpenSciEd phenomena. Plus, Kiddom’s comprehensive suite of interactive question types makes it easy for students to demonstrate their understanding in multiple ways.

Consistency for students: Students can view upcoming assignments on the Kiddom timeline and have the flexibility to work on them at their own pace. It puts students in control of their learning experience.

Guided by evidence: Kiddom’s content library makes it quick and easy for teachers to pull additional high-quality, editable, and standards-aligned resources from trusted organizations.

Collaborative: Kiddom’s suite of communication tools fosters and encourages collaboration. Chat, announcement threads, and groups allow students to work together to solve problems and find solutions.

Fair: Kiddom’s mission is to improve education for all teachers and learners. The company strives to give every learner a high-quality education, regardless of gender, race, background, income or level of learning. The Kiddom platform is fully accessible and is designed for all students of all levels. Kiddom works on any device, on any web browser, and over a wide range of internet speeds.

“Kiddom is dedicated to equipping classrooms with the highest quality digital curriculum and flexible technology to better serve students,” said Charley Cook, Vice President of K-12 Division at Kendall Hunt. . “Our expanded partnership with Kiddom will provide schools with exclusive access to OpenSciEd’s standards-compliant, personalized materials on Kiddom’s digital curriculum platform to transform the science education experience for students in high school through national scale.”

Kendall Hunt is a 75-year veteran of delivering innovative educational solutions and became an OpenSciEd Certified Partner in August 2021. OpenSciEd was created to address the shortage of Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) aligned materials and provide students a program where they learn and value science. OpenSciEd allows teachers to adapt, modify, transform or build on any of its materials, which directly supports Kiddom’s ability for teachers to modify the curriculum by adjusting scope and sequence, adjusting for cultural appropriateness or differentiating for various groups of students.

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About Kiddom

Kiddom is the first all-in-one educational platform for high-quality digital curriculum. It integrates curriculum management, instruction, assessment, and communication tools into a single solution, saving schools valuable time, resources, and money. With the flexibility to access and modify the curriculum from anywhere, Kiddom is the only educational platform that can effectively help teachers and learners engage in classroom, blended, hybrid or remote, as well as in the rapid pivots between them. Based in San Francisco with an office in New York, Kiddom is a team of passionate educators, designers, and developers who develop technology to empower all teachers and learners to unlock their full potential. To learn more, visit

About Kendall Hunt Publishing

Kendall Hunt has a 75 year history of providing innovative educational solutions. As the publisher of hands-on science, math, and gifted curriculums for K-12 students, they also offer the only free, certified illustrative math for K-12 students. In addition to offering a variety of stand-alone K-12 products, ConstructEd, a division of Kendall Hunt, allows schools and teachers to create bespoke and personalized textbooks or digital products using existing products or creating their own. . For more information, visit

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