Job offers workers £4,400 a MONTH for those with no experience – but no one wants to do it

A JOB is offering £4,400 to inexperienced workers but nobody wants it.

The manager of a cleaning company based in Sydney, Australia, said he was forced to raise wages after struggling to find new cleaners to fill the job.


The cleaners are expected to earn £4,400 a monthCredit: Getty

Joy Vess, of Absolute Domestics, told The Daily Telegraph her company had raised the hourly rate to $45 (AUD), just over £25.

She explained that starting salaries are now around $93,000, which equates to just under £52,500.

And so that means cleaners could now earn up to £4,400 a month as the company desperately tries to fill the gaps.

She said: “I can see it’s making a difference now…the contestants are just thrilled.

“Since mid-2021 I haven’t been able to get enough cleaners to maintain the business, in some areas I don’t market at all – Bondi, Manly, I don’t advertise at all because I don’t can’t get any cleaners there at all.

“Nine months ago I raised the hourly rate to $35 and that didn’t fix the problem, so three weeks ago I raised it to $45 an hour.”

She added that despite the increase, she was still struggling to find staff for certain areas.

She also called on the government to allow international students to work longer hours.

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Meanwhile, she’s not the only one struggling to find workers, amid Australia’s staffing crunch.

Companies in the mining section of the country have offered jobs with starting salaries of £80,000 and signing bonuses of £7,000 in a bid to find staff.

Positions available include automotive electricians in Queensland who could start with a salary of nearly £80,000 ($140,000).

Jobs also include automation engineers, metallurgists and geologists, all with salaries between £57,000 and £73,000.

And some other companies have resorted to offering a £7,000 ($10,000) sign-on bonus and a £3,000 ($5,000) referral bonus.

And an Australian MP has pleaded for fruit pickers to come forward to sort through this season’s bumper crops.

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MP Anne Webster called the shortage of staff willing to take on the £4,000-a-month job a “tragedy in the making”.

Ripe fruit is left to rot on the ground due to lack of workers – and it could cost the country millions.

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