takes on a new form

This month, OCHA is launching an enhanced version of the ( platform, under the ReliefWeb Response (RW Response) brand, within ReliefWeb Labs. Labs projects explore new and emerging opportunities to improve the delivery of information to humanitarians.

RW Response will focus on aggregating operational content from existing platforms and provide an authoritative source of information in new and existing humanitarian operations. As its name suggests, the platform will be heavily integrated with existing ReliefWeb services.

Reports, maps and infographics will be managed by ReliefWeb and displayed on the updated platform via feeds. Site managers will be able to specify the content to be displayed (for example, data from Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX)meeting calendars, dashboards, etc.) and create custom pages to showcase content important to the local context.

Benefits include:

Reduced content overlap: Research indicates that over 90% of documents, maps and infographics on also appear on ReliefWeb. This is not only a duplication of content, but also a duplication of efforts to manage that content. By organizing documents in one place, we will help ensure that users can find the latest and most relevant information when they need it, in the most efficient way possible.

Streamlined work processes: Information Management Officers (IMOs) are increasingly multi-skilled with competing priorities in field operations – managing, submitting content to ReliefWeb, submitting data to HDX, and managing platforms and desktop-specific dashboards. Consolidating with ReliefWeb allows IMOs to focus on their core operational requirements such as content creation, coordinating information flows and building partnerships.

New documents, maps and infographics can be added simply by emailing them to [email protected]

As always, we appreciate your input, so please send your comments and suggestions to [email protected]

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