How to take advantage of home office trends

According to a investigation by office supplies giant Stapleshalf of Canadians who work from home say they need a desk upgrade.

Since having a fresh perspective, even in our own personal workspace, can help improve your outlook (I’d redecorate every few months if I could), here are some ideas on how you can change things up. in your “world headquarters”:

1) A good ergonomic chair. If you spend hours at your desk, you want to be sure you’re doing your back a favor. An ergonomic chair, designed for comfort and support, is not a luxury but a necessity.

2) An adjustable standing desk. Speaking of sitting, it turns out that it’s actually bad for us and we should move more. A desk that can be moved from sitting to standing will give you and your circulation a break.

3) You will never stare at your partner, your child, or your cat as much as you stare at what is behind your computer screen. Change it up with a bulletin board (magnetic or with thumbtacks) that you can modify to display reminders, motivational thoughts or inspiring photos.

4) If you’re a super-visual person, consider hanging a dry-erase board on a wall (or even painting it with chalkboard paint) to help you plan timelines or route components . An advisor we know uses his to track the status of customer bookings.

5) Headphones. Love them or hate them, Zoom calling and Teams are here to stay. Headphones will ensure you hear loud and clear (and send an unspoken but effective ‘do not disturb’ message to others around you).

6) An adjustable lamp. More than decor, a lamp will provide excellent working light and provide a warm and more “human” atmosphere. Remember to position it behind your screen for a flattering look on video chats. Oh, and don’t buy fluorescent bulbs – they’re rarely flattering!

And of course, if money is no object, the sky is the limit. For home workers with space (and stacks of cash), there’s always the option of a YardPod, a customizable prefab garden workspace. Ideal for drawing a tangible line between professional and family life, a YardPod measures 108 square feet, comes with heated flooring and looks like a very cool garden shed, for example in Finland. However, you may need to reconsider your pricing: a YardPod, from ultra-chic Toronto design firm Syllable Inc., starts at $38,000. (Or you can check out the latest Canadian Tire flyer for a more affordable shed-style option!)

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