How to Set Up a Foreign Phone Number, Mailing Address, and Virtual Location for Your Business

A successful business is a combination of so many factors. From vision to planning, funds, execution, etc.

There are important things to do in a business and we will discuss three of them… i.e. how to set up a foreign phone number, mailing address and virtual location for your business.

First, let’s start with how to get a foreign phone number for your business.

Before that, what is a foreign number?

A foreign phone number is a phone number that has a specific country code associated with it. For example, a Nigerian global phone number will have the country code “+234”.

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Businesses frequently use international phone numbers to contact customers from various countries. For example, a business based in Nigeria can use a Canadian foreign phone number to help its customers living in Canada.

Why a foreign phone number?

Foreign telephone numbers make it possible to be present in this country without actually being present there. By using international phone numbers, you have a reliable and reasonable method to support your customers or grow your business customer base globally.

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Also, your customers might not want to call your business line for help if they see that your number is a number from another country. Additionally, when you use a foreign phone number that belongs to your customer’s locality or country, you facilitate your customers’ trust and they are considerably more likely to call your business.

To set up your company’s foreign phone number, you must first register with one of the online platforms and add credit to your account. You can buy local or toll-free numbers from the country you want for your business. Some of these platforms offer a free trial.

Second, depending on the country you choose and the type of number (local or toll-free), you choose the state or the locality.

And finally, after choosing the state or locality, you can create custom greetings and others for your business depending on the platform you are using.


Let’s move on to the next important thing you should have in your business…a mailing address.

A mailing address is a place where a person can receive mail, and it is similar to a post office box. For some people, their mailing address is where they live. While others, in any case, live in a different place from where they receive the mail.

The postal location has a few advantages, for example,

  • Specific addresses in a list
  • You can confirm and address all locations before posting

For businesses, a mailing address is an address to which any mail or item sent for a business can be delivered.

The business mailing address is also typically used for receiving goods and merchandise

A mailing address for your business comes in handy when you want to take your business to the next level and here’s how to set up a mailing address for your business.

  1. Rent a mailbox: A virtual mailbox is simply a computerized mailbox. It has an actual physical address. Either way, the real mailbox lives on the web. Content sent from the virtual mailbox is scanned and digitized. However, you can read scanned mail from your PC, phone or tablet. When you rent a mailbox, you won’t be restricted by post office opening hours at this stage… meaning you can search for mail, forward it or do anything at any time of the day or night with the possibility of also sending it worldwide.
  1. Get a PO Box: One of the most underrated of recent years. A post office box (PO) is basically a storage place for your mails at the mail center. It incorporates a PO box street address or an actual street address that you can give to other people. When you hold a post office box, it is assigned to you or your association. You can change your post box by choosing the size of its dimensions. You can also receive your emails whenever you want.
  2. Rent a box at the UPS store: The UPS mailbox gives you an actual mailing address. Moreover, they recognize any packet. Your packages are stored for you until you receive them. You will receive a notification by SMS or email with a new mail and you can receive it, wherever you are. There are many UPS stores. That way, finding one wouldn’t be difficult. In any case, you will be limited to a specific location to pick up or post your parcels. The UPS Mailbox will give you expert direction on your business.

And finally, let’s talk about virtual location

A virtual location offers a type of service similar to a physical location space (i.e. devices, work environment, material), but through the Internet.

And here are the steps to set up your virtual location.

  1. Know what you need: This is very important when you want to configure your virtual location. There is no 100% hard and fast rule on how to set up your virtual location. You know whether you need assistants or not. The number of computers, telephones and vice versa.
  2. Get a virtual assistant: You don’t want to be overburdened with such a workload and continue to respond to customer inquiries and complaints. You will burn out and lose customers. Have an assistant who will help you schedule meetings for you, respond to your clients and other things.
  3. Configure the communication channel: There is nothing more important than communication with your staff. It improves collaboration. You can use a platform that allows video chat like Skype or Zoom. There are also collaborative work tools like Trello, Slack, etc.
  4. Online location and email setup: Your business may be a virtual location, but communicating your location to your customers and prospects is important. To do this, insert your virtual location address into your website or email. It helps to make your business more serious and professional.

And for your business email, make sure your email matches your online business name.

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