How to keep your blog running while you are away

Hey, we all have to escape sometimes, don’t we? Whether it’s on vacation or on a well-deserved vacation, you can’t be linked to your blog 24/7, and you shouldn’t be. The reality, however, is that blogging can be a totally time consuming process. Consistency is one of the most important factors in blogging success. Once your blog is established and especially if you outsource help it becomes a little easier, but for newbie bloggers and to website owners, the thought of going on vacation and leaving your baby blog unattended can put you in a panic! Here are some great tips on how to keep your blog running smoothly while you are away or on vacation.

Let’s face it, we all have vacations, events, family members, and other things that we need to take care of. Life, after all, shouldn’t be all about working, blogging, posting, and constantly coming up with new content.

Currently I maintain about 6 blog posts per month. At the beginning, I produced 4 per week!

This level of consistency is super important and helps maintain a constant level of traffic for me.

When deciding to have a blog, remember that it is running 24/7.

After all, your blog is your business and it should be treated as such.

So even though this produces passive income (and this is the ultimate goal for you) there are still many ways to deal with.

In this article, I’ll be going over what you can do to make sure your blog stays fully functional and continues to produce top notch content for your readers as well as income for you! ??

Tips to keep your blog running smoothly during the holidays

Tip # 1. Group your content

Blogs require laser focus and excellent planning.

Therefore, bundling your content is the best way to ensure that your blog will have fresh new content for your readers.

As a blogger, you are a primary planner. Yes! Believe it!

Plan a well-deserved trip or vacation on top of all that is just a walk in the park!

Once you’ve booked that trip or flight, it’s time to start generating content for the duration of your trip so ‘set it and forget it’!

Here’s an example – I dedicate my Tuesdays and Thursdays to actual writing, so instead of producing 2 content articles a day. I would use those 2 days to produce a week of content.

These days I’m so busy with other aspects of blogging that I often outsource content which frees me up even more time and keeps me sane!

Tip # 2. Use the WordPress timestamp feature

Timestamp of your blog posts in WordPress

WordPress’ timestamp feature can save you a lot of time when it comes to creating and publishing your posts.

Let’s say you have a day where you feel super inspired on several topics, you are full of energy, and you have overflowing great ideas that you are dying to share!

You’ve written 3 or 4 articles, but you’d like to spread them out because you’re getting ready to go on vacation or have that deadline looming for a project at work you need to complete.

Using the Timestamp feature will help you spread your posts over a few days and publish them for you.

This is how it works.

  1. Take an article you’ve written and are ready to publish, including proper markup, images, etc.
  2. Go to “Post Timestamp” on your post page and expand it.
  3. Select “Change timestamp” by clicking on it, there should now be a check mark in the box.
  4. Edit and select the date and time you want to publish your article.

Now there is an important step remaining in editing your post for future publication.

You must now click on the “Publish” button.

If you don’t and just click “Save”, it will save your message as draft and not publish it when you specified it.

This feature has saved me a ton of time and annoyance trying to write messages when I have an endless list of other things to do.

And as bloggers, you know the list is endless!

Tip # 3. Blog during your vacation

I don’t like blogging while on vacation or while on vacation as it defeats the purpose of vacationing and time spent with family and friends.

But I have to be honest, I always guess what I’m going to write next and take little notes as the day goes on…. and it’s good.

As long as it doesn’t consume you completely and pull you away from everything and those you are closest to.

If you realize that you have made a mistake that you absolutely must correct, thanks to modern technology, as long as you have a laptop or smartphone with the Internet, you can fix it from anywhere!

Some of my best blog posts have been written on the fly!

Sometimes a change of scenery is just what you need to get your creativity flowing!

It also lets you have the laptop lifestyle experience.

You see, a blog is designed for you to share information, but let’s not forget an important element.

A blog is designed to help you and your readers connect and engage.

So why not share your vacation with your readers?

By sharing a bit of your personal life, it helps build your blog’s relationship with your readers.

Share your images, your meals, your adventures. Some amazing travel and food blogs have been built this way.

Tip # 4. Outsource for writers

If you absolutely can’t write, be sure to hire someone to cover your writing for you.

Yes, it will cost you dearly, but it will be worth the price so you don’t lose your audience!

Always look at the big picture.

Of course, it will cost you money to hire someone, but you can potentially lose thousands of readers if you don’t.

And after all the work you’ve put into your blog, you don’t want that to happen!

Have you created valuable content to share on topics of your choice that you know your readers will enjoy or find very useful?

Tip # 5. Allow guest posts

blog blog blog image

It’s not a bad idea to line up guest posts for your blog.

Similar to outsourcing for writers, someone else will write for you. The only difference between a guest position and outsourcing is the cost.

Guest messages are generally free.

Guest bloggers will write a post for you and in turn get a back link resulting in a return of traffic to their own website. It’s a win-win solution for bloggers and something you want to incorporate even when you’re not on vacation!

Food for thought

It’s your blog and you can do whatever you want with it.

Some are obsessed with all aspects of control over it and some are much more relaxed. I tend to be the first: /… but I’m still learning that I can’t be 100% in control all the time!

I recommend that you make sure that your blog remains operational even if you are not available.

Unless you’re at the stage where your blog is running on autopilot, or you have a team of virtual assistants working with you to handle things, it just doesn’t make sense.

It is not that hard to live in the digital age we are in. And the best thing is you can do it from virtually anywhere!

Remember that work-life balance is also very important.

The last thing you want to achieve is blogger burnout.

You can always succeed in taking the time to enjoy that vacation or vacation and be a successful blogger! ??

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