How to be better understood by voice assistants



The approach to technology has changed dramatically with the arrival of voice assistants. More and more people prefer to interact with themselves smart phones on the sound Voice commands Than clicking or touching the screen of good digital assistants with your fingertips. In addition to making operations easier – turning off the jerky search in the various menus for each screen – the ability to take advantage of voice has made everything faster.

The correct terms are enough to tell Siri, Google Assistant, or Alexa to do something for us, without even getting up from a chair.

What is certain is that when the smart assistant starts to miss the tones, it misinterprets the tones. OrdersFrustration increases from syllable to syllable. Although he does not have the capacity – fortunately – to have the same sensations, our virtual assistant can enter the hot air balloon. Calm and cool. here it is How to make yourself understood. over there Precautions to consider when talking to these AIs. Thus, “chat” not only becomes more fun and lighter, but also avoids having to download Stress A case that we wanted to simplify and make easier and more immediate.

Voice assistants: tone of voice

We come to them in the correct interpretation of the words: It is important to use the truth tone of voice Although the urge to shout at the lack of understanding of the digital interlocutor is very strong, you have to keep your cool and repeat what was said earlier.

To help Siri, Google Assistant, or Alexa understand each word individually, we need to remember to talk to a file. midsizedcalm down Explain the request well Finished. Imagine chatting with a member of our family or with a friend: we will show solidarity, and maybe at the next opportunity we can make ourselves understood the first time.

Voice assistants: free and noise-free microphone

Sometimes we tend to underestimate the most basic issues: if we talk to the assistant on the smartphone and get no response, it’s probably us who We block the recipient by the hand. On the other hand, if we are dealing with a connected speaker, you may get upset background noiseWrong placement of the device or something that functions as a wall for the audio stream.

Specifically, Amazon suggests a distance: after devices sound echo Additional items which are not less than 20cm when using Alexa: This helps prevent the causes of most types of blockages of this type. Likewise, by placing your mouth too close to microphone This is never the right solution: you have to keep optimal space with the device, even in this case.

Voice assistants: pidgin is better

voice assistantinterview withmechanical intonationUsing bone reduction controls is very similar to what you might hear in early sci-fi movies which is tempting for many, when you interact with these tools you have to make your own as natural language as possible.

Indeed, the artificial intelligence developed in recent years has become more complex than in the past, to the point that it can explain the speech recording. It is more appropriate to say calmly, “Siri, set the alarm clock for tomorrow morning at 6.30am” rather than giving cold, schematic commands like “Siri, wake up at 6.30am” and take risks. Robot other times.

Voice assistants, create personalized profiles

If mobile phone and tablet assistants are calibrated with the primary user, their colleagues at home (or office) have more opportunities to talk to multiple users while they are there.

This is why it is important to save several profiles, one for each, so that the assistant can trust the information necessary to recognize the voice and correct the shot for each.

Alexa on Amazon

Alexa voice assistantAlexa, able to record Six different profiles for the greatest number of users. This can be especially useful if there are several dialects or inflections under one roof, or if there are children in the family who use a simplified language level. To configure one, all you have to do is access the dedicated application installed on the mobile and connected to same account you are logged in with on the device you want to configure. Open the app, go to the “other” icon (the last one at the bottom right with the three overlapping lines), select “settings” and “your profile”. Next to “Audio,” select “Create” and proceed to “Continue” on the next screen.

Apple Siri

Siri voice assistantHowever, Amazon isn’t the only one who discriminates with whom you speak. Those who use the iPhone have the same functionality with Siri. However, registration is done there First time you use a Iphone Barely bought. If that doesn’t happen, don’t worry – the process can be done again in a few simple steps. From the “Settings” menu of the iPhone, you must intercept the “Siri and search” section; From there, the “Turn on Hey Siri” toggle is turned off and back on. At this point, the system will launch a new process dedicated to Recognition. Among the tips that can be taught is how to pronounce names in the address book. If Siri repeats it incorrectly, just say “I misspelled it” to give her a chance to teach her the correct technique.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant voice assistantNeedless to say, Google Assistant can do this too: the specific function is called “audio matchAnd to use it you can access the application google home (s Google Assistant), then touch your profile picture or initials, select “Voice Match”, “Add device” and follow the on-screen instructions.


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