How Atlassian will totally redesign its Austin office for remote working


  • Atlassian plans to completely redesign its Austin, Texas office in an effort to attract and retain talent.
  • The company has around 700 Austin-based employees, but expects that number to grow to over 1,000 over time.
  • Atlassian hopes the redesign will contribute to “equal participation” of remote and office workers.
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Australian $ 94 billion software giant Atlassian plans to completely redesign its Austin office as it continues to hire in the state.

Companies are in a mad rush to recruit and retain talent, and Atlassian is no different. The company already has around 700 employees based in Austin, but the company plans to expand this location to more than 1,000 employees in the near future. Atlassian as a whole has nearly doubled its total workforce to over 6,000 in the last year alone.

In August 2020, Atlassian told employees they could work from home forever and hoped the change would help the company seek “amazing and diverse talent, with no limit to the physical footprint of our offices.”

To reflect that future, the company is looking for modern solutions to “democratize” its Austin office to enable “equal participation” of remote and on-site workers, Scott Hazard, global real estate manager, told Insider and travel to Atlassian’s workplace. In practice, this means that the redesigned office will focus on common space, almost three times as many phone booths for taking private video calls, and “focus” pods.

As Atlassian prepares its big plans for Texas, the company also said it is “actively using our voice” to oppose SB8, Texas’ controversial new abortion law.

“Austin is one of our main growth centers,” Hazard said. “There continues to be a very strong talent pool, particularly from university graduates and some of the people we are targeting.”

Take a look at the redevelopment plans for Atlassian’s Austin office:

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