High gas prices could prompt companies to allow employees to work from home again

With no relief in sight for gas prices, some workplaces could revert to virtual work options that have been implemented during the pandemic. Mark Rosa, a business professor at the University of New Orleans, said it was a simple decision for companies that already have the technology.

“So I could see them, well, we’ve had remote work in the past, so it wouldn’t be hard to go back to that,” Rosa said.

Another option to reduce gas consumption for commuters is a four-day work week. Rosa said some workplaces could be even more flexible.

“Maybe you come on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and just work from home on Tuesday and Thursday or take another day off somewhere in the week. I think this has already been implemented in many places,”

However, some professions do not allow a person to work from home, for example, a bank teller or a construction worker. Rosa said high gas prices could also impact the filling of essential and front-line worker positions.

“So these people might be faced with just sort of doing something else in their lives financially to be able to afford the fuel increase,” Rosa said.

Rosa said some employers may face increased wages in an effort to keep their employees.

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