Herman Miller’s Temporary Cabins of the Future Will Bankrupt Your Boss

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The ongoing pandemic has revealed a lot about our society and the nature of work, including how many people can be just as productive doing 9 to 5 from home. Office space is not as as critical as corporate America once thought, so Herman Miller presents a new collection of temporary offices which are aimed at workers who only occasionally come to an office during the working week.

as much as many employers like to emphasize that in-person collaboration is key To help justify their ongoing leases on sprawling office complexes, the reality is now quite different, and in many areas employees simply don’t need to bear the hassle, stress and cost of a daily commute. Some companies are introducing more flexible working hours as a result where employees only need to visit an office a few days a week, but this new approach then makes it hard to justify giving every employee a permanent office as they go. remain unused at times.

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Herman Miller’s solution is a new collection of customizable small desks that can be assigned as needed and quickly configured to meet the needs of each employee. The OE1 Micro Packs (which were actually created by London-based design firm, Industrial plantco-founded by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin in 2002) currently come in three configurations: single mini-desks for employees working alone, or multi-units of three and four mini-desks for small teams that occasionally need to collaborate in the person.

Each of the individual mini desk stations offers electronic height adjustments from 27″ to 42″ to accommodate workers who prefer seated or standing desks, as well as standard outlets and powered USB ports on each desk to operate the computers, screens and charging phones. . However, to make the OE1 Micro Packs easy to install at any time, each unit, even the four-desk option, connects to an outlet with a single power cord.

As with most modular office and cubicle systems, OE1 micro packs can be extensively customized with different colors, materials, finishes and accessories such as monitor stands and even additional furniture like matching rolling whiteboards, but as with most Herman Miller pieces. , they are not cheap.

The unique Micro Pack OE1 option, which is not freestanding and can only be used when mounted against a wall, seems to start at just over $2,800 for a version without partition and without electricity. Max it out with all the optional features and a premium finish and the price tops out at $4,700. The 3-pack version starts at $7,684, by comparison, while the 4-pack version costs $10,915, but can be configured for nearly $20,000. This may be Herman Miller’s way of convincing employers that letting employees work from home all week really is the only solution.

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