Here are the top 5 benefits of smart lighting systems

At first glance, smart lighting systems may seem like a shallow upgrade. Is it so hard to flip a switch? But grasping the full extent of the benefits they offer can be difficult. That is, until you have enjoyed them. For those who haven’t had the pleasure of their pleasant glow, we’ve rounded up the top five reasons you’ll never want to live in a home without installing them.

1. Convenience

First of all, smart lights allow you to light your whole house simultaneously. Being able to snap your fingers and switch between rooms at once saves a lot of cumulative switch flipping. Going to bed is just as easy. Each light can stay on while you’re toasty in bed.

Playing with the app might seem like just as much work as flipping a physical switch, but there are other options. These bulbs feature voice activation with the full range of virtual assistants. You can set automatic schedules that can match your lights with sunrise and sunset, for example. Geofencing also helps a lot. Your lights can automatically turn off when you leave the house and turn on when you get home. With minimal initial setup, your lights can run on cruise control.

2. Energy saving

If your home still runs on traditional incandescent bulbs and you’re going to switch to LEDs anyway, you might as well splurge and enjoy some of those extra amenities. Smart lights don’t just save energy just by being LEDs.

By being able to automate and remotely control which lights are on, you can ensure that you only use the lights when and where they are needed. This can further reduce the power consumption which is already low enough to be an LED. Ultimately, this saves money on your electric bill and protects the environment by minimizing reliance on a grid.

3. Oh, so many colors!

Contemplate the rainbow and rejoice! Okay, that might sound a bit silly, especially when you go for the more ostentatious colors from the get-go. These colors are indeed exciting and will probably be fun for the kids around the house for a little while, but there is a more subtle side to it.

During normal daily activity, being able to simply move the lights from a cooler white to a warmer white can have a noticeable effect on the way you work. Comfortable, warm and subdued light is perfect for lounging on the sofa and reading a book. If it’s raining outside and you need to stay awake and concentrate on work, a cold light can add a surprising benefit to your surroundings.

4. Sync lights with entertainment

Syncing entertainment is one of the most advanced features you’ll see in smart lighting systems, but it really is something. By monitoring the video signal sent to your TV and mapping the colors appearing around the edges, you can match smart lights in your room to reflect the dominant colors in that area. That way, if you are watching a movie and there is an explosion on the left side of the TV screen, that whole side of the room can light up yellow and orange. The level of immersion it creates is unlike anything else.

This fun feature isn’t just limited to movies or TV shows, either. Spotify can now connect to Hue bulbs, so your music will vibrate your lights along with the music. For those times when you really want to let off steam, this is a fun addition.

5. Security

Smart lights can actually make your home safer. You can turn lights on and off remotely no matter how far away you are, but the real convenience is that you have a smart lighting system with a dedicated away mode. These regularly and randomly turn your lights off and on again, so any potential observer would assume that there is some sign of life inside.

Many smart lights can also be activated by motion triggers. This feature is very important in outdoor lighting and can easily deter anyone trying to sneak through the back door.

These are some of the obvious benefits of smart lighting systems, but there are many hidden gems that smart lights can perform.

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