Heineken Silver is the world’s first metaverse beer

The world’s first virtual beer has arrived.

Needless to say, we all love a freezing cold from time to time. But now Heineken aims to bring this element into the metaverse. Brewed with pixels, not yeast, Heineken Silver is the world’s first virtual beer.

In the real world, Heineken is known for uncompromising quality, refined through decades of brewing innovation. Now, the same brewing expertise that made beer world famous is undergoing a high-tech transformation to tackle the metaverse, one pixel at a time. Heineken has always been passionate about natural ingredients, but in the metaverse, it’s about the finest, 100% computer-generated ingredients.

According to the official statement, Heineken has replaced its special A-yeast with A-pixels. And of course, the entire virtual brewing process is overseen by Heineken’s dedicated Virtual Brewing Assistants, digitized stand-ins for our Star Brewers.

The virtual beer was unveiled at a product launch event in Heineken’s virtual brewery, where guests could experience how beer is made in seconds, while tasting pixelated lobster and caviar and rubbing shoulders with Heineken ambassadors, including Thierry Henry.

To add a little more flavor to the metaverse and virtual Heineken Silver, Heineken has teamed up with self-taught Spanish street artist J. Demsky to help design parts of the virtual Heineken Silver home.

Although Heineken Silver is only available to visitors to the Heineken Virtual Brewery in Decentraland, one wonders what it would look like if they actually made it. If only we could 3D print the product, we would be able to hold and taste virtual Heineken money in the real world.

(Images: Heineken)

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