Have you ever wondered who owns Siri’s voice?



Have you ever wondered who owns Siri’s voice ?. image: wikimedia

Have you ever wondered who owns your iPhone’s Siri voice?

If there is one characteristic voice that is recognizable to most users of new technologies, it is Siri, the personal assistant that works with artificial intelligence on Apple devices, but have you ever wondered exactly where, or who, this voice is from the real world, well, I can tell you, it belongs to a Spanish lady called Iratxe Gómez.

If you visit her personal website, Iratxe explains how she is a broadcaster by profession, starting her career in 2004, when she became the voice, in Spanish and English, of various banking services, in their call centers and for international mandates.

Later, in 2006, she wrote a manual on incidents and how to solve them, for one of the most important text-to-speech (TTS) programs in the world, which decided to remake the product with the voice of Iratxe. , taking into account the improvements proposed by the professional.

But the journey doesn’t end there, as Iratxe is responsible for the trend that led to the creation of TTS text-to-speech tools that have since been used in navigation systems and virtual assistants, such as Siri.

Therefore, the voice expert helped create the text-to-speech converter, which the developers later used to create Siri, although she never worked directly for Apple.

Iratxe’s voice, and voice-over abilities, are perfectly developed to carry out works and recordings of all kinds, among which she has been responsible for: voiceover presentation of events or animation on stage, audio-theater, radio interventions as a collaborator in mini-spaces, audio books, call centers, switchboards, sound systems, advertising and many others.

These endless possibilities can also be realized in different languages, especially English, Spanish and Basque, and in these three languages ​​Iratxe has carried out a variety of different work, counting among its clients companies of all kinds, such as RTVE, Sega, Coca-Cola, Bankinter, Mahou, Ecoembes and Mitsubishi.

Her work has led to appearances on TV shows and other media, all of which of course wanted to know more about who gives the voice to Siri, as you can see in the video clip below. of Spanish television, as reported by 20minutes.es.


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