Half Dome gives staff unlimited paid annual leave

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The independent media agency Half Dome grants its staff unlimited paid annual leave.

The Unlimited Time Off experience allows the team to take as much paid time off as needed to maintain a work-life balance throughout the year.

The experiment starts on July 1 and will be in place for 12 months, then will be reviewed. If successful, the program will be extended.

The national standard for annual leave is 20 days, or four weeks.

Half Dome is known for trying new ways of working, including non-meeting days, condensed workweek options, and core work hours.

Earlier this year, Half Dome introduced the ability to switch all existing holidays to another day of cultural significance, celebration or recognition.

Lisa Lie, Head of People and Culture at Half Dome, said: “Flexibility practices are a key differentiator of workplace cultures and reflect the level of trust a company has in its employees.

“We want to reward our employees for their efforts with benefits they really appreciate. Our industry is sometimes very busy and we want to make sure we can compensate for peak periods with the time needed to recharge and reset.

“We know that when people have more autonomy over how they work, they are happier. This means they are more engaged in their work, more engaged and more efficient.

“Half Dome is truly embracing a reliable and flexible work environment, and our unlimited time off trial is an evolution of that. Just as we do not have a 9-5 office policy, we try not to have a capped vacation policy.

Tom Frazer, Managing Director of Half Dome, said, “Our customers continually praise our team’s attitude, approach and commitment to their work. They say that’s what sets us apart.

“We believe the way our culture was built contributed to this result. The Unlimited Leave initiative is designed to further support team engagement and effectiveness while at work.

Half Dome was the first independent media agency to receive the Gold Mental Health First Aid Skilled Workplace, with more than 80% of its employees now trained in mental health first aid.

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