Guide to buying a cheap home alarm with motion detectors


The reason why it is good to buy an alarm is, of course, the tranquility it provides to the person or people in that space, because it protects them not only when they are present, but when they are not. are not.

Above all, for the home, an alarm will make us more secure, since it will protect us from certain risks. Clearly, an alarm ends up being a good investment.

But we are not only talking about alarms to protect us from possible theft, where those with a motion detector are much safer, but we can also integrate component systems within a single pack to warn us of ” a fire, gas or water detection among others.

Let’s see what we should be looking at to buy the best alarm, focusing on the ones that have a motion sensor.

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What is a motion detector alarm?

The motion sensor is one of the components that we think should never be missing in an alarm because the function it performs is really good and extensive.

to exist different types of motion detectors such as infrared sensors, which are those that are able to detect thermal changes, those of the laser type, ultrasonic sensors, those that bounce waves off the room or those of the acoustic type, which are even able to detect if they break a crystal.

There are also type 1 and type 2 sensors:

Type 1: these sensors without closed circuit that anyone can install without problem. Type 2: These are the ones that must be installed by an expert and have a closed circuit.

Space to cover

The first thing we need to be clear about is the space we want the alarm to cover.

This means that before we start buying it we need to be very clear where and for what zone do we want this devicethat is, if we only want it to monitor the entrance, if we need more places to place sensors or if we want some kind of supplement.

By extras we mean components that may not be supplied with all kits, such as water or fire sensors.

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Be clear on the budget

Although we can find alarms of all types, the truth is that we must be clear about our budget, since, if we get carried away, we could finally talk about a lot of extra money.

If we have a budget for a cheap alarm we shouldn’t go out of there no matter how attractive the other options are, because the difference in what you have to pay could turn into a big difference.

Alarm components

Most alarms sold generally have at least one motion detector and one opening detector for doors and windows. At least that.

Of the, could have more sensors of this type and even gas or smoke among others.

We have to keep in mind that if we need more sensors, we will have to buy them separately and that is why it is handy to also know the price of new accessories, besides being clear on how many we are going to need.

Siren volume

In this sense, and although we can disturb the neighbors somewhat if we live in an apartment, an alarm that sounds with little force is of no use to us, since it must scare the person who wants to enter and warn everyone. world around.

Our consideration is that its power is at least 80 dB, although it would be desirable for the system itself to allow us adjust intensity to better adapt it to the size of our house, and even ring as it goes so that it does not jump to the maximum in a possible false alarm.

Surveillance cameras

Many alarm kits do not come with a surveillance camera, let alone inexpensive ones. But they allow you to buy them separately, which might be advisable depending on what each one wants.

In the case of deciding with a kit with a camera or buying one, you must take into account that it incorporates night vision and if the recording quality is good enough for the potential offender to look good that way.

Another facet important is the fact of storage, since it can be on a card integrated in the camera, in a local network or in the cloud, where, almost always, it is accessible by mobile from anywhere.

Voice control and home automation

Another function that we can have in an alarm is that we can manage it by voice from our smartphone via virtual assistants such as Alexa or Google Assistant.

But besides that, it can also be compatible with home automation systems like IFTTT, which can integrate with such smart components like locks, bulbs, blinds, sockets and many more.

The essence of the modern lock has changed little over the past 200 years, but technology has given it a further boost by incorporating wireless openings.

Warning systems

Alarms that do not have a quota, that is to say those that we buy and not from a security company, have different forms of notice like the horn itself.

In any event. The most convenient are those in which, in addition, we have a notice on the smartphone by means of a message, notification, call or even e-mail.

The number of warnings we will experience will be directly proportional to the scope of the alarm. That is, the better it is, the less we will suffer from false advertisements.


We agree that the more components the alarm has, the more money it will cost, but our obligation is for you to know all that a device of this type can offer us.

Something really comfortable, but generally making the system more expensive, are the automation services, such as the alarm itself knows when you are home and when you are not, something that goes off associated with a key ring, which is detected when you leave or enter the house.

Those key rings contain all kinds of information the way we like to set the alarm, so when we leave, everything will be ready automatically.


If we have a pet that is walking around the house when we are not at home, we should opt for an alarm that has pet system.

This means that it will be able to detect that what moves is our cat or our dog and that is why the alarm will not be triggered at the slightest movement. These types of systems are very different in the different types of alarms and in some they are more effective than in others.

Smartphone control

It’s a extremely practical function which bring the vast majority of these alarms which connect to the WiFi of our house.

This means that we can activate or deactivate it from our smartphone, in addition to being able to change the configuration if we need to or activate a camera to see what is happening inside the room.

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Cheap alarms

Once you know everything that needs to be considered in an alarm and what components it can carry, it’s time to take a look. some inexpensive models and others that come highly recommended for their value for money.

Some recommended inexpensive models are:

We can also advise you on other models that are a little more expensive, but from what they offer us, we can consider them as models with the Great value for the price.

Here are some good examples:

You already have all the information you need to choose the alarm with motion detection that best suits you, your needs and what you expect from it.

Obviously, the more components there are, the more expensive they are, but when the time comes, it can be worth it. It depends on each one.

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