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In June, Google Meet received an update that made it possible to change the background of the image during video calls made through desktops. This feature is very useful for those who don’t have a beautiful landscape behind them or who work from home and want to skip background movements. Now this new feature will arrive in the app for Android phones.

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You can choose from still images, moving videos, or just a background blur effect. The app itself will let you choose from a gallery with desktop, landscape, abstract, or casual themes. In the case of animated videos, there are several options to choose from, such as a classroom, party, beach, or forest.

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If you choose the web version to use Meet, be sure to use Chrome version M 87 or later so you don’t have video call issues. To know how to change funds, you can follow the step by step developed by


to help you.

See you on the rise

This feature already existed in Google Duo, but it was also replicated in the company’s popular calling app. Meet is one of the top three online meeting programs in the world, a direct rival to Zoom and Microsoft Teams, with massive growth driven by the Covid-19 pandemic and social distancing.

For relaxed or serious meetings: there are several plans for different backgrounds (Image: Disclosure / Google)

Customizable backgrounds followed other changes from Desktop Meet: a grid-style interface and greater visibility for connoisseurs. The ‘raise your hand’ feature has also become more visible so that the call organizer can more easily see who is asking to speak.

The launch started on Monday (

) and it should take about two weeks to reach all Workspace users, even free subscribers. In addition to the web version and the desktop program, the addition was already present on iOS and is now available on Android.

Source: Google Workspace

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